Kabab Mein Haddi! – Meet The Current Enemies Of Love On Television

Kabab Mein Haddi! - Meet The Current Enemies Of Love On Television

We all believe in the idea of love. Someone special somewhere is made just to make you experience this feeling. Our TV shows doesn’t make you differ from this idea as there is a love angle in every TV show even if it isn’t a love story. Every show have love birds who make you believe how beautiful being in love is. Infact, they also give a lot of ideas of how to get romantic and make your special someone feel even special. But it also conveys the message that every love story has atleast one Kabab Mein Haddi to make the lives and love of the love birds difficult.

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Let’s meet few of the current enemies of love on Television.
Ritika – This psychotic ruthless pregnant murderer is currently the biggest hitch in the life of Ranveer and Ishaani in Colors’ Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi who is just not letting the two get together. Her selfish motive and evil plans time and again separates Ranveer from Ishaani.

Tanu and Aliya
Tanu and Aliya

Tanu – Tanu has to be the Kabab Mein Haddi in the lives of Abhi and Pragya in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya, as it’s because of her the two are unable to spend a happy, normal, married life inspite of loving each other as she has made everyone believe that she is pregnant with Abhi’s child.

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