Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan : Week Of Friendship Fall Outs, Aryaman Dragfest And True Best Friends!

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan
Mukti and Cabir With Nandini
Fab 5 Blaming Manik Nandini’s Relationship For Fall Out

This is what happens when your friendships are based on conditions. For Fab 5 it was always them first and other relations always were secondary, but of course they were kids then when they such rules. With time, equation changes and also priorities. Why should one ever have to choose between their closest relationships? Every relation has its own place and can’t be compared. Only if Fab 5 relaised it. Alya and Dhruv conviniently blamed Manik’ relationship with Nandini being the main reason for the whole group’s fall out without realising they are accusing him of the only thing in his life which he did for himself. Otherwise it has always been for, by and of his friends for Manik. That was surely a low blow by Manik’s friends.

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