Kajol, Tanuja and Ajay Not Happy With Tanisha’ Behaviour In Bigg Boss

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Optimized-Bigg-Boss-BannerEvery year Bigg Boss series notices a love story that captures many eyes and help to pull more TRPs and this time there isn’t one but two such love stories budding in the house and that are Gauhar/Kushal and Tanisha/Armaan.

According to a source Tainsha’ sister Kajol, her mom Tanuja and her brother-in-law Ajay Devgan are not very happy with Tainsha’s feelings towards Armaan, which is seen to be increasing day by day.

Last Saturday on Weekend, Salman Khan was seen giving a warning to Tainsha and Armaan that there are 84+ Cameras in the house. It is believed that it was done due to a family member of Tanisha calling the Big Boss Production house and requesting them not to focus on her and Armaan anymore.

The warning by Salman was in a way reminding Tainsha that everything is caught on the cameras and she should be cautious of what she is projecting but it seems she doesn’t really cared about the warning and resounding on as normal.

Author: Alia T.

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