Karan Patel : A Look At The Actor’s 3 Best Characters Until Now

Karan Patel

This Gujarati actor who originally hails from Calcutta had dreamed of becoming an actor. After completing his schooling from a Juhu suburbs school in Mumbai, he left no stone unturned in accomplishing what he had set out to do. Today he is a successful actor on small screen. Here’s looking at three of his best performances till date and co-incidentally all of them are with Balaji Telefilms.

Karan Patel as Robbie from Kasturi
Karan Patel as Robbie from Kasturi

1. Robbie (Kasturi) – The show Kasturi started off on Star Plus in 2007. Even though Karan had done shows before this one, this show was ultra special because it marked his debut in the lead role. He was fabulous for a debutant. He played the character of a spoilt, rich, classy, sophisticated and arrogant rockstar with utmost perfection. He is still remembered for his portrayal of Robbie and his chemistry with his co-star was rocking as well. The emotions, the grief, the revenge, the anger, the passion for his love were beautifully conceptualised and enacted by the actor. He become very popular with this show and his journey as an actor had begun.



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