KarnSangini First Episode Review : The Heroine Of The Show Is Uruvi Who Was KarnSangini As Well As A Dear Friend Of Arjun!


Karn Sangini had its first episode telecast on Star Plus and the premiere episode was nothing less than a visual delight. It had glamour, drama, mythology and introductions to our main characters.

The show started with a disclaimer which read that the story of Karn Sangini is based on the novel by Kavita Kane – Karna’s Wife : The Outcast’s Queen. It was good that this information was put up in the disclaimer. Hopefully the show won’t be put under the scanner by the mythologists.

The first episode marked the birth of Uruvi and featured a fascinating prediction by a sage, too. The episode also showed Arjun and Uruvi’s heartwarming friendship. Along with that, we also got glimpses about Karn’s character and his struggle to get a proper education in archery.


The Charm Of Uruvi

One of the first scenes of the serial had the Kurukshetra war which threw light on the concept of love, which will be shown from Uruvi’s perspective in the show.

During the whole episode one might have felt as if one is watching the epic Mahabharata again, but with the inclusion of a new character!

Yes, it was Uruvi whose antics brought freshness to the age old tale of Mahabharata. Tweaked a bit here and there, the story of Karn Sangini was definitely interesting in the first episode.

The character of Uruvi had everything that can attract the audience. She was witty, she had a natural inclination towards light, she had attitude and she had her opinion which she didn’t shy away from expressing. In short, she had a distinct aura which could pull someone towards her.

Her views had a dash of feminism to them. “Ghode ladke ya ladki nahi dekhte” was one such example which showed her views about gender prejudices. Infact she was against any kind of prejudices, let it be based on gender, caste or creed.

Her ideas even surprised Arjun. Meanwhile we also got to know that the princess of Pukhiya has completed her schooling under the guidance of Lord Krishna himself!

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