Kartik Purnima Maha Episode – Will Soni Succeed In Separating Kartik And Purnima Forever?

Kartik Purnima

Star Bharat’s Kartik Purnima is heading towards a Holi celebration in the show and things are going to get really interesting in the upcoming episodes.

We cannot tell you much about the upcoming episodes but we can give you guys a little bit of spoiler on the maha-episode that will air tonight.

In the maha – episode, on one hand, Soni Mehra played will throw a grand holi party at her place, while Kartik along with Purnima will leave for Aarti’s village to give her proper treatment amidst the superstitious villagers who are against her treatment in a hospital.

In the village, Purnima will help Kartik in Aarti’s treatment and both of them will later enjoy the festival of colours and audiences’will get to see some sweet moments between the couple.

Since it’s the maha-episode, a twist is much needed at the end of the day so, Soni will come to know that Kartik and Purnima are with each other and that’s more than enough to make her go all red with anger.

It will be interesting to see what will Soni do now to separate Kartik Purnima forever?

Watch the Maha Episode Promo below –


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