Kasautii Zindagii Kay : The Prick Of Thorns Or The Blossom Of Roses – What’s In Store For AnuPre? – New Promo Review!

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

“Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh, Kahan Shuru Kahan Khatam, Yeh Manzilein Hain Kaunsi, Na Woh Samaj Sake Na Hum”

Such is the beauty of love. It might seem weird, sound odd but that is love. LOVE that tickles the heart and brings the soul ALIVE! Anurag and Prerna from Star Plus’ Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 are two individuals who happen to be the two sides of the same coin.

From being just acquainted with each other now they are on the enroute to be more, much much more. Whether Anurag is heads and Prerna is tails or vice-versa, they are ONE COIN, ONE UNIT.

As the latest promo of Kasautii Zindagii Kay delves into the upcoming chapter of Anurag – Prerna’s lives, the promo sets the 70 mm dice of AnuPre rolling.

What Is The Promo About –


What We Saw In The Promo

Lights, Camera and Action – As the promo rolls out with it rolls out unlimited emotions, wishful dreams and anguish.

With the feelings of love for one another making its presence felt in Anurag and Prerna’s heart, to weaving wishful dreams of castles built, to the aghast devastation when the thorn pricks and tears cascade Prerna’s orbs dreading the future, the promo is loaded with roller coaster ride of emotions. It grips your attention.

Wishful dreams have no limit neither can they be curbed. They only fly high. Together is what AnuPre wish for but alas with roses tag along their thorns. The thorn’s prick gets things back to reality. And the reality of Prerna wedding Naveen kicks in. BUT one should never forget just for the sake of the thorn one should not discard the rose. Thorns might act as an hindrance to Anurag and Prerna’s love, but the prick of the thorn can be soothed away as long as they have each other.

What We Like About The Promo –

1) The feeling of love is tender and the tenderness with which the realization knocks at Anurag and Prerna’s heart is just beautiful.

2) Heart wants what it wants and the way the heart makes them KNOW, Anurag’s heart makes him crave for Prerna, Prerna’s heart makes her want Anurag, it is delicate yet the love they feel is conveyed crystal clearly.

3) The way the promo is captured is aesthetically gorgeous and has a feel of blossoming love amidst the kasautii’s prefixed and suffixed to it.

4) Though the promo in a way asks whether it is the beginning or end of their story, we say for every new beginning there has to be an end. And going by the promo it looks like the thorn, Naveen’s end will lay the base for Anurag – Prerna’s rose, their new beginnings and their love is ought to rise from the ashes.

5) The promo is really beautiful and stirs emotions on a high scale. Also, the song ‘Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh’ adds a nice rhythm to the AnuPre upcoming tale and sends hearts humming their tune.

There is nothing we disliked about the promo, maybe except Prerna’s wedding card with Naveen’s name on it!

Ahhhh! Though the groom’s name on the card is Naveen’s at the wedding altar can Anurag Basu wed Prerna Sharma instead? Now don’t get any ideas this is not a spoiler just our wishful thinking.

The promo is effective and has an edge of freshness to it. It single handedly captures love, drama, tears, emotions all rolled in single unit, just like AnuPre!

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  1. The original song of the original AnuPre on this AnuPre!!!


    They are going so good that I don’t know what will happen when it will be split between PRB and AnuPre!!!!


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