Kasautii Zindagii Kay : Anurag Holds A Broken Prerna In His Arms – A Spoiler Moment To Look Forward To!

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Being in the comfort of your loved one’s arms, makes you deal with a crisis better, screams Anurag and Prerna‘s latest capture.

Happiness comes with sorrow trailing behind. It might come after a lag phase, but it does. The world doesn’t exist without opposites.

The day has the night to overcome to make itself valued, the light is light in everyone’s life only if darkness seeps in and so on even the earth we live on is the north and south pole geographically.

Well just like that, love comes with it’s share of not exactly hate, but people who can brew hatred amidst the lovers, if we’re talking about Indian TV here!

Anurag and Prerna’s love story till now looks like an amalgamation of these contrasting opposites till now.

And the latest shot of both of them, shared by the man, Parth Samthaan aka Anurag himself screams all the emotions loud in this just one capture.

As we all know, as per the ongoing sequence, Rajesh (Prerna’s father) passed away leaving his devastated family and even more helpless Prerna behind, her grieving knew no bounds.

It wasn’t Prerna Sharma that broke down that day, but the entire sequence highlighted the young little girl, Rajesh Sharma’s daughter, Prerna, who was his strength to say the least.

The moment when Prerna’s world seemed to loose it’s significance, it was Anurag whose arms lent her the support, who pushed her guard up and made her vent it out in the comfort of his arms.

Her mind may be fogged by the uncertainty of her future right them but she was at peace knowing Anurag was there to her in those moments of unsaid words.

Look at the picture below and we bet you wouldn’t have missed the emotionally intense episode.

Anurag And Prerna
Anurag And Prerna

The current track is emphasizing on Komolika’s mad obsession for Anurag wherein Anurag and Komolika would soon be seen getting engaged with an angry Anurag humiliating Prerna to no end.

Are you looking forward to the new twist in the show? Let us know below in the comment section below.

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