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Armaan RidhimmaI log into my face book account and as my home page opens all I see is my friends from all over the world demanding kash or talking about possible ways of demanding for kash. Like a robot I turn to the specified pages at times spamming or just politely asking them for either for KaSh interviews or demanding that they be cast together in a possible show. I do it mindlessly and everytime I log in I can’t help myself but go down this route.

My mother looks at me hunched over my lap top and asks me: aren’t you bit old for all of this!

As I don’t have an answer to her question I just grin back at her and continue doing what is required of me. But my mother’s question got me thinking, as thinking is an occupational hazard for me. I’m a researcher by profession and as I ponder my mother’s question my mind couldn’t help but think of all my fellow kashian friends.

Like I mentioned I’m a researcher, one of my friend is a medical intern, some are really young and are still at school. Some are doing their under grad studies with major in economics or doing civil engineering. Some are even married and have kids of their own, to top it all we all are from different countries but there is one common feature that binds us all together. One common thread that weaves through all of our lives and that is our never dying love and passion for KaSh.

Yes Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand ! Whats so special about them that they’ve got socially responsible people acting like 15 yr old teenagers. What is about them that draws nerds and geeks like me to let go our scheduled readings and other assignments and spend our time demanding for kash on various  web pages and blogs.

They made us believe that opposites attract, they made us believe that love at times means accepting one another for their strengths and weaknesses. A simple today’s girl with her own ambitions and aims, with her life planned out falls in love with a guy who is her complete opposite. He is rude and brash whereas she is sweet and charming, he is a ladies man with a different girl for each day whereas she is a complete innocent. The only thing they had in common was their love for their profession, they both were dedicated doctors.

Still they fell in love, the guy who had touched and was in relationship with a number of girls, for the first time understood what it felt to be in love. The girl who had never given any other guy the time of the day thought of him all day long as love changed her. What made all of us believe these emotions?

It was no one else but KSG and Shilpa Anand. Even today when we watch the episodes of Dill Mill Gayye on you tube the romance between them comes through as fresh and unspoiled. When Armaan says to Ridhima: mein tumhare bare kabhi kuch bura soch hi nahi sakta, you are up there for me.

I’m sure all the girls go awww!  Isn’t that what every girl wants in a life partner who sees her and loves her. We fell in love with Armaan and Ridhima, we cried when they got separated we celeberated when they finally confessed their love.

When Shilpa Anand left the show it was as if the spirit left the show. Some how the essence of the character Ridhima was no longer there. I’ll confess that I still watched the show religiously every day. I was shocked and heart broken when the first season ended with the shoot out at Sanjeevani and both Armaan Ridhima injured. With the start of season 2 like all others I waited for AR return, I cursed the cv’s when they added the complication in the form of Sid.

Even when Armaan returned and Ridhima chose Sid over Armaan I cried. The news by the time were circulating about Shilpa Anand’s return but in my heart I was not ready to accept Armaan with any one else. So I was happy yet skeptical when shilpa re-entered the show as Dr. Shilpa. In a couple of days I was totally bowled over by their chemistry.

As the show progressed the complicated nature of their relationship with one another and the other characters were revealed. Where initially they had made us believe in sweet innocent love, this time they made us believe in pain. They made us realize that at times pain is a stronger emotion that binds us together. What was amazing was that they portrayed to us how two people can come closer to one another in pain and can start something beautiful and pure.

Where AR was sweet and innocent ArSh as Armaan-Shilpa are popularly known as were more intense and passionate. But before their story could’ve taken the necessary and expected turn the show ended with an abrupt AR re-union.

Thousands of fans were left heart broken and dissatisfied with the end to ArSh track. What was amazing was that Shilpa Anand again exited the show and her last scene is one of the most heart rending scene. When shilpa says to armaan: sacha  pyaar or sachi dosti kabhi humse door nahin jasakte, armaan!

I don’t think any eye was left dry, is it even possible that he didn’t understand her pain or that he never felt anything for her. But then she left leaving her fans wanting for more, wanting for KaSh!

So even now people are demanding for KaSh reunion. They are demanding a completion of the ArSh love story, a love story where kash in the end walk into the sunset together. Facebook, other websites or blogs all are filled with demands for KaSh comeback.

Even with the news of KSG upcoming nuptials the demand for KSG and Shilpa Anand comeback hasn’t gone down. There were a large section of kash fans who always wanted KaSh to have a romantic involvement in real life (who wouldn’t) but the news of KSG marriage though disappointed the ardent kash fans has not stopped them from demanding for KaSh onscreen.

So the ball is in KaSh and cv’s court now, are they going to fulfill the demands of millions of fans around the world because the demand is coming loud and clear


– Amani Moazzam

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