Khamoshiyan : Five Reasons For Not Missing This Enchanting Thriller Starring Gurmeet Choudhary


The Bhatt camp’s new presentation Khamoshiyan is hitting the theatres today on 30th January 2015. Before you decide whether to go for the movie or not, here are five reasons why you would not like to miss Khamoshiyan this weekend.

i) The Flow Of The Story – Penned by Vikram Bhatt, the movie goes perfectly with the flow. The film has its own vengeance that would offer you some unforgettable terrifying moments. Strange incidents, unexplained attraction, undiscovered secrets and a disguised demon, Khamoshiyan serves them all in one plate for the audience.

ii) The Eerie Element – Does spookiness appeals to you? Then Khamoshiyan is a perfect platter to fill your appetite.With Khamoshiyan, it can be regarded that the Bhatts are back in the horror genre with a bang! The mystery element of the movie is well matched with the horror quotient and if you are going for the movie, stay assured to get scared with its demonish doses.

iii) The Engrossing Suspense – Novelist Kabir sets out in a journey to find an inspiration for his next book. He meets Meera (Sapna Pabbi), who runs a guest house in an isolated area in Kashmir. Meera is the wife of Jaidev (Gurmeet Choudhary), the owner of the guest house. Soon strange and suspicious incidents start taking place in the guest house. These unexplained happenings aroung Meera draws Kabir more towards her. Her silence remains to be the biggest hidden secret and her husband is the handsome and charming man who has the controlling key of her life. The movie plays along with the plot well and Vikram Bhatt and director Karan Darra engross the audience with the tight scripted suspense in the movie that has a definite and convincing culmination at the end.

iv) The Chemistry Of Lust And Love – The chemistry between Sapna Pabbi-Gurmeet Choudhary and Ali Fazal-Sapna Pabbi will blow your mind. Well, you can try and predict the real thoughts inside their head when they are getting intimate. They sport the traits of love and lust perfectly and this chemistry of lust and love will keep you intrigued.

v) Gurmeet Choudhary – The man started off as the mythological and idealistic Ram on small screen. However, it seems he chose to play exactly the opposite on his debut movie. He is that villain on the big screen who can charm you with his devilish smile. His good and bad traits adds to the pace and class of this psychological thriller and this small screen actor won’t disappoint you with his performance on the big screen for sure!


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