Did You Know The Connection Between Samosa And Pyramids? – Know The History Of This Favourite Snack Of Indians!


There will be a very limited amount of people who have never had the snack Samosa in their lifetime.

Samosa is one snack that is relished by all and enjoyed to the fullest. But are you aware that your favourite Samosa has a story of its own? Travelling far and wide if you read the history of Samosa, you will come to relish the snack more for the journey it has undertaken.

And that is why we are here to take you down the history of your favourite snack ‘The Samosa’. Here are some historical facts about samosa –

1) Samosa trails its origin to Central Asia centuries ago. The snack has travelled from Egypt, to Libya, to Central Asia, to India and is known with different names.

2) The Samosa’s were originally called Samsa, with reference to the pyramids in Central Asia.

3) The snack is also called as Sanbusaj, Sanbusaq, Sanbusak all the names derived from the Persian word Sanbosag.

4) Claims are made that Samosa first originated in the Middle East prior to the 10th century. There the snack is known as Sambosa.

5) The snack is first mentioned in literature writing back in the 11th Century by the Persian historian Abul-Fazl Beyhaqi.

6) It is believed that in the Indian subcontinent, the Samosas were brought in by the traders in 13th or 14th Century.

Samosa (Photo Courtesy - Instagram)
Samosa (Photo Courtesy – Instagram)

7) Amir Khusro, a scholar and the royal poet of the Delhi Sultanate wrote in around c. 1300 CE that the nobles and princes enjoyed the samosa.

8) While some give the credit to the traders to getting in the snack to the South Asian soil, some suggests that during the Delhi Sultanate rule, the Middle Eastern chefs introduced it.

9) The samosas is a popular entree, appetizer snack in the local cuisines of the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia, Southwest and Southeast Asia, Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, South Africa and the Mediterranean.

10) Samosa is known with different names and made differently too across the Globe. In Kazakhstan, it is called Somsa – it is baked and has a thicker crust.

The Hyderabadi Luqmi is filled with meat and is crustier than the normal Samosa found elsewhere in India and Pakistan. The Bengali ‘Shingaras’ are smaller and sweeter than Samosas. The Goan Samosa is called Chamucas.

From potato, peas, meat, chicken, cheese the fillings of the triangle shaped crunchy snack is different. The fillings differ based on taste, country and preference.

However the snack may have arrived on the Indian soil, but today it is gone on to become one of the most sought out choice of an appetizer/ snack. It is relished worldwide too.

Do you feel like having a Samosa right now? What are you waiting for go and grab one.

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