Kritika Kamra : Since I Had Never Played The Conventional Bahu, I Thought Why Not Play The Spoilt One!

Kritika Kamra
Kritika Kamra
Kritika Kamra
Kritika Kamra

Kritika Kamra is one of the most talented actors on Indian TV. With her acting abilities she went on to win hearts and gain immense popularity.

Be it with her work on the television arena or the digital space, the journey so far has been commendable. One can neither forget the characters she has essayed on the TV screen nor can they forget her fantastic work in her web series.

Kritika recently went on to answer a few questions for Fuze. She went on to share about her work experience in the digital arena, to her characters, to her favourites to much more.

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A social issue that is very close to your heart and if given a chance you would like to express on screen?

Equal rights. I think it’s not just close to my heart, it’s very relevant. People are fighting for it and a lot of us feel very strongly about it. And I feel it’s very poorly depicted on screen, whether it’s film or television. So I wish we could do something or play roles that help equality.

A film that literally inspires you as an actor.

There are a lot of films that inspire me. I can’t name one, but recently I watched Trapped that has Rajkumar Rao in it and Oh my God, I was blown away! Like the kind of submission and dedication that was required from an actor and how Rajkumar delivers. I definitely feel he is the finest actors of our times.

You have played Chandrakanta which is a fantasy role. Which historical character has attracted you since childhood?

I am very intrigued by the whole Mughal era. All these rulers and their wives like Jodha and all of these kind of characters, I found them really fascinating. Also from art and fashion point of view, they are just a treat.

Among the current actors on TV, whom do you admire the most?

It’s tough to take one name but I think Jennifer is doing a great job as usual. She is a natural subtle actor and I quite like the way she even pulls off a crazy character with that calm.

You recently visited your primary school on Independence Day. How did it feel to be someone so important in the school where you learnt the very first lessons?

I can’t tell you I was so nervous! Like public speaking is not new to me anymore, we are used to at least talking to the camera or speaking in front of a decent crowd. But to be able to stand on the platform literally where I have given speeches, done debates and did my dance performances, on that stage in front of the same people!

My primary school is a great institution, it’s actually one of the charitable schools in the area and a lot of people are working there just to serve.

So the teachers are not employed but are a part of that organisation and they have been there for years. Basically, it was the same people I had grown up with and I was given this sort of very special treatment which was very heart warming.

But I was so nervous talking in front of the same principal and the same teachers. I had to speak a few words on Independence day and I made it as short as possible. It was only a heartfelt and a big thank you note because I had nothing more to say or give to my primary school.

Among the web series you have worked in recently, which one is your personal favourite and why?

I haven’t done enough work on web yet but there may be something coming up. So that’s something I’m looking forward to. Let’s see how that it comes out. I think that should be the best one yet.

Any characters that you liked among the web series? (Best Girlfriend, White Shirt, I Don’t Watch TV and Dry Dreams)

It’s difficult. You can’t choose your TV character, you can’t choose your web character, you can’t choose any character that you have played.

But I think ‘I Don’t Watch TV’ was very whacked out. So it was a lot of fun because again there was no preparation. We are friends and we just landed up on the sets.

I got a call from Nakuul randomly and he said that do you wanna do this? And I said why not! I had no idea of what we were doing. So we just like straight drove into it and it was really crazy!

What attracted you the most to that character of sanskari bahu (I Don’t Watch TV)?

It wasn’t a conscious career decision you see! It was just something that I wanted to have fun with.

I mean you have to be able to laugh at yourself and laugh at what you do. And I think that’s something that a lot of us need, to not take things so seriously and just be able to laugh.

It was a great spoof or a twisted situation of a very regular saas- bahu. Since I had never played the conventional bahu, I thought why not play the spoilt one!

Any special message that you would like to give.

I just want to say thanks since I am talking after Chandrakanta is over.

Thank you so much for all the love that I got for the show. I think out of the few things that I am going to take away from this experience was definitely the feedback I got from people who have watched me in my previous shows and accepted me like this and also some new people who didn’t probably know about my work but got to know me through Chandrakanta.

Nothing matters to me, not the TRPs, not any kind of other ranking or whatever. What matters is the feedback and the feedback that I got was a very earnest one.

When people liked things they said it, when they didn’t like it, they said. And that’s how I am and that’s how I like everybody to be. So, thank you!

We wish Kritika Kamra all the best in her future endeavours. Stay Tuned To Fuze!



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