Krrissh 3 Was A Test Of Its Kind! – Hrithik

Krrish 3, featuring Hrithik Roshan which also stars Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut, is ready to hit the silver screens this Diwali (November 4th, 2013). The movie would also be dubbed in Tamil and Telegu.
Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan at a promotional event of his 3rd film of Krissh Franchise said that if the film is appreciated and widely accepted then they will continue with the franchise. It’s not only the name of the film but the story and the characters that grow with it, said the filmmaker.
Hrithik Roshan the main protagonist says that the main divergence in Krrish 3 is a Full-fledged Superhero who has grown from the last two films would now be combating with a Super villain. He also says that to build a franchise requires a lot challenges faced to meet the requirements of the level of expectations and his father is pushing the envelope.
Son, Roshan also put forth the pressures and challenges his father who is the Director/Producer has to go through while making the film. He exclaims that his father followed his vision and wanted to create the same image he had in his mind, but as a producer, he was apprehensive of how to attain the perfect result that looked unachievable. But his father has always achieved the impossible.
Hrithik said that being part of `Krrish 3` was a test and he wishes and hopes that his superhero character will inspire the audiences. He said that there is a Krish in everyone and it’s just a rational transformation, as he himself is like Krish when he is faced with a challenge. Hrithik with his father Rakesh Roshan, also participated in the Singapore International Deepavali Shopping Festival and he also took part in a roadshow with school children at the Global International Indian School.
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Author: Alia T.



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