Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 : 5 Reasons Why Present Track Is Interesting To The Viewers!

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise BHi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is now airing a track where one of Dev’s colleagues, Sanjana, has feelings for him. And her feelings are not going away even after she has come to know that Dev’s love for his wife is irrevocable. In fact, the more he expresses his love for his wife, the more Sanjana gets attracted towards him. Here are 5 reasons why the present track is gripping the viewers.

1. Will Dev do it or not? – This has probably become as interesting as a suspense thriller. The guy has absolutely no idea about what’s going on around him or what his favorite designer has in mind about him. He is basking in the glory of his wife’s love. But will Sanjana’s calculating measures put Dev in an accident? That’s quite a nail biting situation.

2. How will Sonakshi catch her? – What Sonakshi now has is her instincts, which is correct. But no one is going to believe her 100% based on her instincts. People are only going to doubt Sanjana. And that’s not enough.

3. How will Ishwari react? – Elena has her doubts on Sanjana. Even Maami may cultivate doubts about her with time. Sonakshi is already doubtful. But Ishwari doesn’t have any idea about Sanjana’s intentions yet. How will she react when she will get to know that the sweet spoken girl she just met has her eyes on her son. I guess CVs had a reason to make Ishwari hear Sonakshi say ‘I love you, Dev’, so many times in her sleep a few days ago. She knows now how much her daughter in law loves her son. Let’s hope she chooses to be her strength when time comes.


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4. Will Sanjana turn vengeful? – It doesn’t seem the girl thinks straight. She has a twisted mind when it comes to love. Probably, she needs counseling. She is in search of a passionate lover who loves unconditionally. It doesn’t matter to her if he is married or has children. She is sensitive only towards herself and her own emotions and not others. A very strong rejection may turn her rogue. Will she turn vengeful in that case? If that happens, then it will be a test for DevAkshi. And will be quite interesting to watch.

5. Will this chaos result in a scandal harming Dev Dixit’s reputation? – Dev Dixit is known to be a one woman’s man. Which we are sure he will remain. But what if Sanjana tries to paint his image otherwise? The man who is known to be inspired by his mother and wife in his work circle, will go through a lot if that happens. Probably, Sonakshi and Ishwari both will have to become his strength at that time.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has always touched sensitive real life issues. The show is something that people have always related to, especially when it comes to emotions. The present marital crisis that the show is focusing on also somehow explores real situations and emotions. It has one simple message to put in one sentence – No third person can break your marriage or separate you from your spouse, if you have absolute trust, love and communication among yourself. That’s the gist that even the marriage counselor is trying to convey to Dev and Sonakshi.

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