Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 : Here’s Why Dev Dixit Should Not Try To Solve Problems On His Own!

Shaheer Sheikh - Erica Fernandes

Because he messes up big time, every time!

Dev has always created more chaos whenever he decided to try and solve problems on his own. The first season of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is a big example of this. And this season of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 can also go the same way.

The first thing he should not do is – Hide what Sanjana told him from Sonakshi.
The second thing he should not do is – Hide about Suhaana’s relation with Sanjana from Ishwari or Sonakshi.

The third thing that both Dev and Sonakshi should not do is – Plan to hide Suhaana’s identity forever from her.

Because all the three things put together will definitely bring calamity in the Dixit house. Dev can never handle this sort of a mess all by himself.

Moreover, there’s Neha in the house now. She is sad. It’s not good news when she is sad. Because if she is sad, she tries to make everyone else sad. If she is sad and everyone else is sad, that gives her the feeling that she is ‘loved’ and ‘cared’ for. You can’t be happy around Neha when she is sad and claim that you care for her. She will then reject your feelings for her.

Of course, credit for how Neha has turned out goes to Ishwari but as that’s been discussed so many times before, we will not go on and on about it. But today when Ishwari is so worried for her daughter about not telling her what’s her issue is, Ishwari should remember that just a few days ago she was proudly telling her sister in law about how she taught her daughters not to share things about their in-laws’ affairs much and a girls’ family’s interference creates more problems in her marital life. She said this is what she taught her daughters but Sonakshi’s parents didn’t teach her.

Sadly, it seems her teachings are neither keeping her daughter happy nor herself happy now. I wonder what Ishwari would have done if she got a daughter in law like Neha. Nevertheless, Neha is a by product of Ishwari’s ‘ek tarfa pyar’. Whether she accepts it or not, it’s not just circumstances but her habit also that has made her ‘extra caring’ towards Dev and made her daughters ‘less important’ in her life.

But the warning sign is Suhaana’s problem and Neha’s problem are now colliding together. Suhaana isn’t an ignored child like Neha had been but the truth about her birth can make Neha’s words more believable and apparent to Suhaana. She needs more care and extra attention from everyone. Tough times are coming up for DevAkshi as a couple and as parents. It seems, Sanjana can threaten Sonakshi with both her man and her child.

And the best solution is for Dev to blurt out everything to Sonakshi right now!

Dev’s Reaction to Sanjana’s confession – It was really funny to witness how Dev initially thought Sanjana was acting and playing her part for the dumb charades game. You may have wondered too thinking, ‘Like really? Did he really believe that?’. But yeah, that’s Dev for you. He can be dumb like that.

However, the second confession from Sanjana at office came as a shock to Dev. First he became speechless, then after she left, all those beautiful flowers and bouquet appeared to be very ‘disgusting’ to him (?).

You see, when love is desired, any sign of love is also loved. But when love is forced and unwanted, any sort of sign or approach disgusts you. You desperately try to get away from it. Right now, Dev also wants to get away from Sanjana, as far as possible.

Due to this desperation, your way of rejection can appear very harsh or rude. It’s normal human expression. If you feel pressured or forced, you will revolt. And words of revolt are never pleasant. I hope, Dev’s words do not hurt Sanjana in a way that situation takes a bad turn with regards to Suhaana.

Sanjana needs someone to hold on to in life. She has no family. And her loneliness makes her the desperate individual that she appears to be. She needs someone to love her or someone whom she can love. Unfortunately, she may think that either Dev or Suhaana or both together can fill that void.

Let’s hope she doesn’t become desperate enough to get either of them or both. As of now, she still appears to be a person who at least speaks the truth. But will she remain good even after a harsh warning or a rejection? – Let’s see what’s her shade of love turn out to be like in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3. But one thing is for sure, she is going to make DevAkshi stronger.

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