Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Dev – A Victim Of His Own Unintended Crime!

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

I have very mixed emotions after watching the episode tonight. I am proud of Sonakshi tonight. I am sympathetic as well as disappointed with Dev. And I am speechless about Ishwari. Last but not the least, I am a bit relieved Mamaji is back. That mad Dixit household needed him.

Anyway, I just have a few points to raise here. Tonight I might sound a bit biased. But I am aghast at Ishwari’s reactions on two occasions. I really had to pinch myself to believe what all she said those two times –

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

A disturbed Dev returns back home after ‘accidentally’ slapping Bijoy, all disturbed, murmuring to himself, being in a terrible mental pressure, and all that his mother has to say him are “you belong to them more than us”, “they know more about you”, “I never came to know when you fell in love but they did”, “I never came to know when you still loved her after you left her but they did”, “you should move out with Sonakshi and stay separately”. A GOOD mother, would have said, “I am sorry such an unfortunate incident took place in my presence at my home”, “I should apologise to my relatives”, “Dev, you and me should go, say sorry and bring Sonakshi back”.

Ishwari In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Ishwari In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

But no, instead of any sort of regret, remorse or repentance, she went on to compare ‘Dev kiska kitna zyaada hai’. But Ishwari’s own questions had her answers. She never came to know about her son’s condition and that’s not the fault of the Bose family, that’s her own fault. It’s her and her son’s delusion that they both know each other the best.

Both Dev and Ishwari know each others’ weaknesses. Dev very well knows his mother’s insecurities but he wont accept it vocally in his conscious mind. He did though once under the influence of alcohol. And Ishwari very well knows how Dev gets restless and in simple words becomes a ‘mad man’ without Sonakshi, but still she will not accept it just because deep inside she doesn’t want to give Sonakshi so much importance in Dev’s life.

Dev And Ishwari In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Dev And Ishwari In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

The second time when I could not simply stop myself from shaking my head was the dining table scene where Neha and Maami accepts the truth about how Sona’s absence has affected Dev and how hasn’t eaten or slept properly for days and there our caring and loving mother even after noticing everything, eats merrily and says, “He will get fine on his own”.

I have some words of wisdom for Ishwari –

You will witness your son getting destroyed bit by bit everyday and you won’t be able to do anything. Will that give you the security you were searching for?

If Sonakshi leaves the town with her family and your son keeps searching for her for years in every corner of the country like a mad man, will that make you believe that your son can’t be fine without her with time?

When your son will again become a drunkard, his business will turn into a heap of debts, what will you do then with the pre-nup agreement? There won’t be anything to own so what will be left to lose? In fact, will it then matter to you so much about whom Dev is lending 5 crores or Rs 5?

How will you feel when the same Radha Rani will sit in your house and her son would give you orders about running the household? Will that secure you and your daughter’s future?

Because Ishwari, mind it, Sonakshi isn’t only Dev’s wife. She is as much a normal routine for him as much as eating, sleeping, waking and working is for him. You take Sona away from him, you take Dev’s normal daily life from him. He will simply become the other man, whom Ishwari has never met. Needless to say, Ishwari doesn’t know the Dev who can stalk, drink, warn and ruin lives for Sonakshi. That part of him is only witnessed by a few. And it’s time Ishwari meets that Dev.

High Points From Tonight’s Episode –

Bijoy Bose In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Bijoy Bose In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

1. Bijoy Telling Dev, “I will not forget this and I expect my daughter will also NOT forget this”.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

2. Sonakshi telling Bose family, “Nothing is more bigger and important than my family’s respect my Baba’s respect”

3. Mamaji coming back to the house, knowing about Sona’s pregnancy complication and immediately saying, “What must be she going through? I need to talk to her”.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

P.S:- I loved it how the writers showed Dev’s inner fear already scaring and warning him about the upcoming storm. His phone calls to Sonakshi, staring at their wedding pictures, looking at Sona’s photo during business meetings were all indications of the return of the Dev whom we had met during the separation track. Deep down he knew something wasn’t right and he wanted to do everything to set everything right. Alas, it’s too late! She is slowly drifting far away from him. I would not say anything to Dev today. He is that kind of a man who is a victim of his own unintended crime. Now he has to pay for the crime he never meant to commit and suffer like a victim too, which probably he never deserved.

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  1. There are rumors that the show s going take 7 years leap….saheli i like ur perspective and i became a big fan of ur articles…. Could u share ur opinion about this? I wish it would never happen. I can’t take it.

  2. If I were at the spot I would have slapped each and every person present there. Actions and reactions of anyone there were not accordingly. Firstly, GKB God knows where you muster so much courage to spit out that much crap from? You, being a outsider yourself how can you poke your nose in each and every matter of your SIL’s home and instigate her against her own DIL. You said to Ishwari that Dev dint think about his own sisters for his wife and his in laws sake. When he can fulfill needs and greeds of yours and your good for nothing son then his can he forget his sisters. Secondly, Ishwari you claim your son will never let your “Mamta” go to “Vanwass” but whenever it comes to Sona or her Maaika you don’t trust your son at all. Your senseless insecurities don’t let you do so because you know he loves Sonakshi as much as you and it’s way too difficult for you to digest this fact. He always has to justify his love for you and you say you understand him more than anyone. Even RR knows that how your relation with Dev is so weak and she could dare to instigate you against your Dev. When your son slapped his FIL that slap was not on his cheeks but on your upbringing and so-called samskaars. You were so engrossed in your insecurities that you could not even realise what blunder your son has made . Instead of scolding and asking him to go and apologise his FIL, you kept blackmailing him emotionally. Thirdly Dev enough of your ‘my mother is my god’ Chants. Before your God you don’t count humans as human. Remember one thing your mom is god for you only but for others she is only a flawed person just like any normal person. Hitting your FIL can not be justified with any reason be it accidental or intentional. You told you will hold his feet but you know what billet wounds cab not be cured with band aids. You could not stop even your maami from bashing your in- laws while you could do it very well. You easily asked your FIL why he is making mountain out of molehill but could not shut your maami’s dirty mouth for once.Why Dev why ??? Why are you so spineless,so helpless. Being able to do everything why can’t you do anything?? Fourthly Sonakshi I ask you same question you are Bijoy’ strong and brave daughter right? Then why could not you take a stand for him. when that GKB talking so much rubbish about your parents why were you so cold. Your reaction was much needed their .you said that your father’s pride was everything to you then why couldn’t save it before your in-laws?? Asha,had you gone deaf and blind when your husband got insulted and slapped that too by your SIL. How could you take your husband’s insult so easily. When Bijoy takes Dev wrongly you immediately corrects him and reminds him how great your SIL is. Today your that very great SIL hit your husband tarnished his dignity why you were silent.Lastly Bijoy whatever happened to you was totally unfair but as I said earlier you are a bit loud and reacts wronly on right things. You must have some patience. I liked uour dialogue ” paise se tameez nahi kharidi ja sakti Lenin badtaneezi free mein mil jati hain”. Ms. Goswami I never tired of saying that your capability to analyze each and ever situation and character is simply awesome. Your writing skills are more awesome and you are the most awesome. Very nice write up again.

  3. Ishwari dont deserve Dev and Sona. she should realise that Dev belongs to Sonas family by choice and they don’t expect anything from him. Dev does everything for Dixit family. Just because he does not dance to Ishwaris tunes she thinks he does not belong. If Dev had left Sona when Ishwari wanted, earn & spend money only for family, kill himself, he would have been raja beta now. She cant stand Devakshis unconditional love.
    Bijoy is right but he has anger issues just like Dev. Sona is perfect in everyway, she is not egoist. She has been insulted and taunted in Dixit house always before for nothing, how can she live with this money and infertility issues now. With this sate of mind she can’t take treatment.

    Feel very bad for Dev, he does good for all, however his family can’t appreciate him because of their selfishness and insecurities. No one deserves his money love and respect except Nicki Ria and Mamaji.
    Eager to know the reactions of Mamaji, I feel he will take GKB & Vickey out of Dixit home. Things won’t settle soon as Ishwari dont listen to him or anyone. I feel Ishwari started digging her own grave.

  4. And the award for the “worst mother ” goes to Ishwari Dixit. Really and she claims to love her son. She’s only in love with herself. All she ever thinks about is herself. Sona can’t have children, but Ishwari’s dreams are shattered – not once has she thought of what Sona is feeling . Thank god for mamaji – the only one with an ounce of sense in that house. She only wants her son to think about her feelings – not his or anyone else’s, and her daughter Neha is just like her- selfish.
    Dev – he’s too flawed. He can and will always take a stand for his mother. But when GKB is talking bad about your father in law , you can’t tell her to shut up – why? As a son in law you need to take a stand for you father in law as well . Why can’t you speak up for your wife in front of GKB ?
    Sona- thank god she’s back. Why should she not stand up for her parents respect? She’s doing the right thing.
    Dev and Ishwari need to learn that his mother and her insecurity is coming between mother and son and not Sona or anyone else.
    The less said about Elena the better. Like Vicki she only looks out for herself is what I think.

  5. You always analyse what every viewer has to say.what dev did was wrong whether he did accidentally or in spur of the heated moment…ishwaris attitude surprises me as even I was dumb struck when she didn’t even say a word to dev about what he did was wrong and he should apologize to his father in law for his behavior…also why didn’t he agree to living separately with sona when his mom gave him the option of doing so as he had realized during the trip that he n sona were themselves when no one is around them..this would have led to another track n realization for both dev n his mom

    Dev loves sona too much but never stands by sona or supports her in any circumstances..so I believe bijoy said that his daughter never should forget whatever happened with her or himself

  6. In all these events, The fall in character of Elena is appalling… She used to get irritated when GKB mocked his dancing skills, but now bcox of her hubby and ma-in-law, her maashi and meshu get insulted and she is cool about it. Now she has been a silent support to Vicky and GKB. It was felt that GKB would mend after Vicky married Elena, but it has been other way round when Elena has changed to suit GKB and Vicky.!!!

    Who needs sisters ( albeit cousins) like this???

    • Yes you are right. Elena is no different from Neha Atleast Neha voices her opinions. Elena’ s indifference is horrifying. I guessed her to be an opportunist fight from the beginning.

  7. I really felt bad for Dev as he is the victim of his own unintended crime! The slap was really a backlash but whatever, it was unpardonable! The impulsive act will now cost him dearly. I only hope it is restricted to some lessons for we wouldn’t llike to see a divorce. Though I was happy to see a strong Sonakshi back, I felt her mortgaging the property which is only thing her parents have, was a decision in haste! She could have taken time to repay that. The separation in a way will be good if we look from a positive angle. This may bring some realisation into Dev for that is only logical reason one can think of. I was shocked to see Ishwari talking straight on dining table that Dev would be fine while the others pointed out the truth. The ruthless selfish woman couldn’t even point out to her son about the wrong that happened in her house that day. She should drop the word ” sanskar” from her dictionary!
    I feel both Bijoy and Ishwari are the same egoistic. So far, One has brought enough misery to her son’s life , and now the turn of the other one I suppose! I wish to see if Dev can turn the tables and get Sonakshi back and I love to see at some point Ishwari paying for her misdeeds!!
    Dev is probably a flawed character like any other soul but I have never seen an illogical son who is considered to be a successful businessman not having the core properties like priorities in life and the sense of discretion. Ofcourse that can also be the rarest sense for some!!!

    • Excuse me for some of the typos ! “The” missing at places and the last line ” would” missing I would love to see……,

  8. I just want to say something that after seeing yesterdays episode I cried a lot and this was just for Dev…he has suffered before just becoz of his mother..he does not have any ego like Sona he has anger issues but his heart and soul are made of gold…I just want his realisation I dont want separation which cannot be reversed again.

  9. I always loved your analysis on Kuch Rang. First time I am commenting here.

    I really liked the today’s episode because Sona took a stand against Dixit family and went with her dad and mom. Any daughter would have done that. I am proud about Sona today.

    But I really didn’t like the perticular dialogue that you have also mentioned. Bijoy tells to Dev – “I will make sure that my daughter will not forget this too.”

    So basically Bijoy expecting her daughter never forgive her husband because they insulted him. Isn’t that expectation? This particular dialogue made me think, how Bijoy is different from Ishwari. having expectations from kids.

    Why I have a feeling that Bijoy will be another reason for Dev and Sona’s separation?

  10. Kya likha haiπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ !!! I am so overwhelmed and I don’t know why but today’s article was the Best, like written from above heaven. I just wanna meet you and kiss you(in cheeks of course) and give you a cookie. Today I don’t want to state my opinion as you have again echoed my feelings word by word. Saheli, you are so talented and such a great analyst and my writing inspiration always. Take my bow. Keep doing such good work.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Love 😘😘😘

  11. I agree with you, completely with Sonakshi’s feelings, but nevertheless I am worried for dev. Maybe I’m favouring him from the start.. All he did since last two days was completely wrong, damage is done.. Now what? When will ishwari understand? Today she said and I couldn’t believe my ears listening, dev tum apni patni ke sath alag se raho..!! Which she knew dev wouldn’t do ever. Yes you are right, if at all she was wise and understanding maa she should have gone to Bose house and apologize and get sona back. Sonakshi is wise, but I found her ego bigger like her father’s. Mortgaging the only property.. House, for whom ishwari? She could have taken time to return to the amount.. Till then dev could see his mother’s reactions and realise that sona was never and won’t be a part of Dikshit. Dev loves her, these aren’t words for him, he genuinely loves her and today he was in the same state of deewangi.. I was afraid to see him in that state. But hope the makers don’t separate them, let them be together and fight all odds.. Its rightly said, together we can win the game.. World is ours..!!
    Now that mamaji has come back, let’s see how helpful he is to dev and sonakshi. He has given some good tips earlier to dev and sonakshi separately.. Asha on the other hand should be helpful for Bose ppl.. Here Elena’s character is just not clicking..
    Anyway thanks for your efforts at this hour.. Happy writings.. Good night πŸ’•

  12. Women like Ishwari are not rare to find. A friend of mine has a m-in-law exactly like Ishwari. Though the couple live in another town, the m-in-law calls up daily to dictate to my friend as to what she should cook for her son, what tiffin to be packed etc. This despite the fact that my friend ‘s husband has an elder brother who is not controlled by his mother. It’s only my friend ‘s husband who like Dev is a victim of his own immaturity. The only difference in my friend ‘s story is that she doesn’t have a supportive maika like Sona’s. This m-in-law too is widow. This is the complexity of saas bahu relationships. Hope the cvs show Sona emerging out of this strongly. It will be an inspiration for all women living under the stress of an obsessed m-in-law’s delusions.


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