Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : For DevAkshi – We Bit By Bit Break Each Other, Only To Rebuild Each Other Again!

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Have you ever seen a man, all rugged, broken, shattered and wrecked walking down the street with lost eyes and wondering how he even landed up in an unknown place?

Have you ever seen a man who keeps smiling with invisible tears in his eyes?

Have you ever seen a man who keeps walking, and walking and walking even if his knees give up, he still keeps walking without even knowing the direction that would make him reach his destination?

Have you ever seen a man, who is immensely rich by money yet miraculously poor by fate?

Have you ever seen a man who has loved so much, so so much that he has nothing left inside him anymore.

Have you ever seen a man who has been mercilessly punished by fate for being too good and innocent in this cruel world around him?

Have you ever seen a man, who has lost himself to his prolonged failures, frustrations and fears.

That’s Dev Dixit. And the man is empty today.

Yesterday when the episode started and Dev asked Sonakshi to shift to the guest room followed by their huge argument in that room, initially Dev’s accusation on Sonakshi would make anyone angry. Even I felt the same. After all these years, Dev was raising his finger on Sona’s character. Not done!

But by the time the episode ended, it showed us where has love landed Dev into. Today, I agree that indeed love is painful. Pyar mein dard hota hai, jab hota hai to bahut bahut dard hota hai. And too much pain makes you go numb. Yesterday Dev’s outburst was the phase before a person goes numb due to immense pain. The man is empty from inside out and everything inside him is in enormous pain. He needs some healing and soothing. And I hope he gets that very soon.

Sometimes, even writers fall short of words to explain things. Today I feel I too do not have enough words to explain the extent of pain that Dev and Sonakshi are going through. They are bit by bit breaking each other, probably to build each other again. And the process of breaking will be emotionally draining, both for them and for the viewers who love them. But indeed, to begin a new chapter, the old chapter needs to end. And yesterday’s episode marked the beginning of the end of the bitter chapter that we were reading since quite some time now.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Dev Dixit lashed out at Sona yesterday. He was rude, cruel with his words but yet probably, this outburst was needed for him to express the hurt he has been going through since ages. His words about Sonakshi’s eyes, their love, their good old days and how he followed her only because he cared for the girl whom he once loved expressed a lot about Dev’s inner turmoil. He loved her, still loves her and will keep loving her. It’s just that he is unable to say ‘I Love You’ again as easily as he could say it the first time.

Dev, Dev, you are lucky and unlucky at the same time. Everyone you have loved, has loved you back. Everything that you ever wanted, you got that eventually. It’s just that there have been hurdles on the road.

Love has various shades. If love is calm, it can be aggressive too. If it is painful, it is soothing too. If it can control you then it can be uncontrollable too. Right now it’s the painful, aggressive and uncontrollable love that is dominating you. It’s the wound of seven long years that has become a scar now. Let the scar get hurt again, let the wound open up again. Only then it can be healed completely.

People might say that Dev and Sonakshi need to fall in love again. But I have a different explanation. You both have fallen too deeply in love, so deep that it’s impossible to dive back. And since, you have already fallen deeply in love, it’s best to rise high in love this time.

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  1. Saheli, I don’t have much to say as Sreya and Shilpa have said, what I had to ! I agree with you that the whole story revolves round Ishwari and now I have started missing ” my punching bag”, the mental mata!!! The tirth yatra is too long and its so funny that people like me who even wished her not to be back have slowly started missing her because I am unable to download my irritations! I feel she was responsible for bringing Dev Sona together at the start, then separated them by consuming those pills, then she went to the Bose’s begging for Sona’s hand to get back her son on track and then she broke them apart! I feel it is she who will finally bring them together with the help of Soha ! Khatri, I feel will play a big role in bringing Dev Sona and Ishwari together through his khatarnaak threats and blackmailing.Lets wait and watch! That’s just my gut feeling! 😐

  2. Was reading some of the comments and felt they were quite depressing. The fact is krpk is closest to reality and the reunion is not possible without letting out the inner most feelings for one another with very harsh words and actions. These two just can’t sing a song and fall into each other’s arms, ugly confrontation was expected sooner or later but I m glad it happened at least the story will now move forward.

    Dev se toh ummed nahi he won’t change and continue to be jeleous, possessive, over protective, impulsive and mamas boy that Sona fell in love with, but it’s high time she needs to take a stand and decide what she wants, else she will keep hurting herself!

    Communication is the key and if they continue hiding stuff from one other it will just cause more mis understandings, Sona should have opened up but unfortunately it couldn’t happen!

    Tab tak, all you fans, chill maroo and enjoy the ride ✌️

    PS: IPL matches are also very interestingly poised, pick a team and root for them as well 😜😜

  3. Hello Saheli! Coming to the forum after a long time.
    I completely agree with you that despite Ishwari ‘ s absence from the episodes , her spirit as it were is pervading all the time and spreading negativity.
    I think from episode 300 on wards, team Devakshi might start their venture to solve many mysteries untangle many a dark secret , rake in the old skeletons lying in the cupboard ( Ishwari ‘s favoritebox too) . My guess. The cvs however may have totally different takes upmtheir sleeves and spring such surprises that will completely take us aback.
    Good day to you.

  4. Hii Saheli
    How are you? Hope everything is going well. .Saheli I am a religious reader of yr article but I don’t like to comment more. .some times yr article do compel me to Pen down my thoughts. But today I really want to write here. .coz Dev Dixit gave me a sleepless night yesterday. As I’m a very emotional person their fight jerked my inner soul. .it’s very debatable questions whether Dev is right or wrong. The way he said Sonakshi to stay in guests room is really offensive even me also can’t support him but later the way he tried to vent out his agony anguish & love that is very heart wrenching ..today atleast he can’t deserve our criticism. I never see such misfate man like Dev. .Actually his love is just like “Platonic Love “where love is deeply routed in our heart &yr feeling is connected to the inner soul. .it’s not so easy. Very few people of us can do such kind of love. In his life Sonakshi is the center of gravity &he is roaming around her.usski zindagi Sonakshi se suru hota hai uss par hi khatam hota hai. As his center of gravity lost his position Dev also lost the balance of his character. His out burst is very much needed to heal his wound to calm his inner soul. If u minutely follow his dialogue we will understand that it is almost a love confession after 7 yrs..where he said “jis larki se maine itna pyar kiya woh larki kaha ja raha hai “…”Pyar Kiya”is very striking. .he never said “pyar karta tha”.that is Dev who never accept that they are divorced couple. .the way he did argument with Sonakshi is just like a husband who is questioning his wife! !he always considered Sonakshi as his wife as he always keep loving her..I think this time Sonakshi cannot misunderstand him.coz she knows her mad husband never ever share her with anyone. .today I think love & insecurity probably directly proportional to each other as we always want to reciprocate our love. It’s a human nature. Today I almost ready to watch another emotional episode. Sonakshi age &experience give u maturity &patience &I know you will emerge as a great parter.so looking forward

  5. I love Dev and Sona.. to me, they are very real.. and seeing Dev like that really broke me..
    But all I have to say is,**God helps people who help themselves** and it’s high time Dev starts helping himself, instead of blaming everyone around him for betraying him.
    from what I have inferred from the story line so far,(I’m not trying to preach) what Sona did 7 years back was the right thing to do.. she knows it, Dev still hasn’t wrapped his head around it.. I get it, Dev is innocent. He wouldn’t want any harm to come in his loved one’s way..but a **person who doesn’t know how to guard his own happiness, cannot expect happiness to stay with him.**
    He let Sonakshi slip through his hands. He keeps blaming her for leaving.. couldn’t the one who asked her to leave have stopped her? What does he think she should’ve done? Stayed mum like a puppet after being insulted, and asked to get out? She wouldn’t be the Sona he had fallen in love with then!

    Dev is a man with a golden heart.. who still hasn’t learnt some very basic principles of life.
    I’m not a Dev basher, I love the character a lot, and it has been emotionally exhaustive to see him in such sorrow..he just keeps treating her like a punching bag,I just wish he wouldn’t keep blaming Sona for leaving him, for not understanding him, for not handling him… for once, I want him to learn how to handle his own problems, to learn to guard his happiness, like how he has guarded his family all his life.

    As for the precap, I really was wishing to see Sona cry.. Dev has openly emoted his anguish, but other than occasional angry outbursts, this will be the first time she opens her heart out..I don’t want them to settle for anything other than maximum transparency. They have fought so much , worn themselves out to the deepest emptiness.. now I want them to talk to each other.

    I’m sorry for this haphazard comment.. this clearly shows my drained state of mind.. I’m really really done..😞

  6. Dearies,
    This is just to say that it sounds more like ishwari when said, sab sonakshi ki galti hai..!!
    I agree that Dev ki galati hui hai, but ussne maafi bhi maangi thi and if you say ki sona ko get out bola tha tab? Then as Saheli told me earlier in one of the article’s comment, that dev says anything which should not be taken seriously. But I am sure dev apni past sab galti maanega and he’ll be sorry also. I still feel that all tv shows have female oriented stories only, for a change we should see this as a journey of Dev Dikshit.. Thats my very personal opinion.. Please no offence otherwise..
    Thank you 💞💕💞

  7. I don’t feel any sympathy for Dev or Sona….It is very disturbing….Their relationship is now toxic and abusive…With one playing the dominant and the other submissive…..
    Hmmm…..A very dear friend of mine, lived with a man like this hero..And today she’s in a famous neuro hospital getting treated for a paralytic stroke, a result of all the pressure that had been piling up her because of his unpredictable behaviour…Every word i have said here is true….This is not love….

    • It is very depressing, to think that if this story took place in real life, the outcome would’ve been closer to what you said, than what is going to happen on screen..

      • Hi Amrita… What happened to my friend, should never happen to another woman…..My friend’s marriage was a love marriage….This guy just swept her off her feet…. Unlike Ishwari, she had a very decent MiL…But after her MIL passed away, this guy started to have his insecurities and would take it out on her by aggressively holding her and pushing her, hitting her…You get the drift i hope….But he would also make up in the most passionate and sincere manner…..But after years of repeating to herself, that he loved her against the general counsel of her family and friends, she suffered a panic attack when they got into a fight, which snowballed into a paralysis of the right side of the body and speech completely lost….
        This is just a serial….But I feel very discomfited at the thought that so many young women swoon at this behaviour as the outcome of an overflow of love….
        Iam sorry Saheli, if i have hurt anyones sentiment in this forum

  8. Hello Saheli Ma’am. Was waiting for your article since morning. Readi g your writeups has become a daily ritual for me. Yesterday’s episode was soooooo emotionally exhausting that I was waiting desparately for your article to get little comfort. After watching yesterday’s episode I was so emotional that I could not breathe properly. I was feeling choked. As u said initially when Dev started shouting at Sona J was shocked and hurt to see Dev pointing finger at her Sona’s character. But by the time I saw the precap I was in tears. I was in pain to see my Devakshi in pain. But this was needed for their love to blossom again. Hope they come together soon .
    Thanks again for writing for us. Take care

  9. I know everyone has a soft corner for Dev… but whatever he did today is just beyond limits…

    I agree ki PYAR MEDARD HOTA HAI… AUR JAB HOTA HAI TO BAHOT HOTA HAI… but it does not give you the right to give DARD to other too… all the time stupid Dev keeps blaming Sona for one or the another thing… always pointing out his finger towards her… but perhaps he forgot IF YOU POINT OUT YOUR FINGER TO SOMEONE… REST 4 FINGERS OF YOUR ARE POINTING OUT TOWARDS YOU ONLY…

    Dev loves to insult Sona whenever he is hell angry but tell me one thing… is this justified to do these type of illogical thing in anger ? I think the answer is a BIG NO…

    I agree tht you hurt the people you love…. But always doing this can not be correct…

    A great person has said EVERYTHING IN EXCESS IS POISON… whether it is love… hate… passion… possessiveness… whtever…and Dev has everything in excess too… Devotion for his mother is in excess… blind faith on his mother is in super excess… love for family in excess… but I doubt whether love for Sona is in excess or not…

    He always blames Sona and he very well knows too tht Sona has a good reply for everytime though she doesnot give it to him… and wnenever Sona gives him back… the only option he has to keep mum… coz everytime he knows tht Sona is cent percent right at her place… and the one who is wrong is HE…

    Yesterday when he shouts on Sona, insuted in a filthy way… Dev said once PYAR HAQ DETA HAI AUR TUM PAR MERA PURA HAQ HAI… did he mean that time that he has the right to say anything or to insult so badly ?

    If Sona would start saying or blaming Dev… thn I am sur he will not get or find any place on this holy earth to hide his face… and he also knows the same… but still he has the gut to tell stupid things to tell…

    Dev ko problem hai ki jab jarurat thi us waqt Sona ne use nahi samjha and left him alone… par jb Sona ko Dev ke support ki jarurat thi tb kya Dev ne uska sath diya… he was not able toi see or understand anything… how can he not see his very own words when he told Sona ki achcha hua wo maa nahi ban sakti warna wo kabhi ek achi maa nahi ban pati…

    Kya main ye samjhu ki humare samjhdaar Dev babu apni sari galtiyaan to bhul chuke hain par Sona ki sari baatein unhe yaad hai… how hypocrite he is…

    Pyar insaan ke liye jaruri hota hai bahot jaruri hota hai… par jab baat SELF RESPECT ki aati hai to ONE MUST KEEP SO CALLED LOVE ASIDE… Sona did the same thing… kahin na kahin Dev bhi ye baat janta hai and he accepted it too infront of Soha but Sona ke samne to wo ulti ganga hi baha deta hai…

    So from my side – NO SOFT CORNER FOR Dev after whatever he did and say yesterday…

    Everytime sorry and apology is not enough to mend what you already destroy badly… harsh words hurt more than anything… and yesterday Dev crossed his all limits…

    • Very aptly said about dev…thanks…dev feels whatever he and his family does is right and sona is always wrong…ishwari and dev just blame sona for leaving the house and not staying back…but they fail to understand that neither of them stopped her from stepping out and a person who has self respect wouldn’t stay after being insulted by everyone in the family.i am with sona ..what she did with them 7years back is worth it but still the dixits blame her and haven’t understood her or her feelings…and even now sona is being insulted and blamed but dev knowing the intensions of his family still doesn’t support her…I don’t understand then why did dev stop talking to his mother and at times blamed his mother for sona leaving the house and also dev rarely visited his house when sona left him..why was all this necessary when he blames sona now for everything???????

    • Hi asmita,

      You are right. A guy like dev does not deserve respect or love from any human being….sonakshi is just too gud for him. After what ever he did with sona…. I am surprised she has never been revengeful. Only said certain things angrily without losing her dignity unlike dev which in my opinion is absolutely ok. I dunno what will happen in the serial but I want to warn gals who get swooned by serials.. that they should never forget and return back to their abusive relationship.
      Dev is insane and does not deserve sympathy.Period.

      • Hi saheli,

        Please do not blame the fate of a guy like dev Dikshit unless you want to sound like him blaming others for every thing. He and he alone is responsible for what ever happened with him. I have seen so many marriages where the guy,s family do not accept the gal but still can’t do anything about it as the guy is strong and makes it very clear that his decision should be respected. Ishwari does not deserve so much hatred that she receives from the viewers coz dev never once sat with her mother and explained how important is sona to him and that she should respect his decision.instead he has time and again fed her ego. No RR, Vicky or ishwari can hurt if the guy is strong.
        I rest my case.

        • This fellow Amrita (with the ‘h’😂) agrees with you..
          even though Dev has a heart of gold, it’s time he accepts any and all of his mistakes.. there is a limit to how much a person can be let off just for being “innocent”. The man has to realise where he went wrong and grow wiser..
          If he would’ve tried to explain to his mother, just once.. about how important BOTH are to him, and one would never take precedence over the other, all this wouldn’t have happened..

          The real reason behind Sonakshi leaving was not because of her need for Self respect.. the girl had been fighting a war.. trying to prove herself, and her love to everyone in the house.. and Dev just didn’t realise Sona’s struggles.. he infact was SO blinded he didn’t know about it!
          He hasn’t done a useful thing to help Ishu and Sona bond.. The only thing he did was to spin a web of lies with the pregnancy drama.. which helped create a feeble relationship which scarred both when it broke..
          such a big businessman, doesn’t he know the long term effects of such deeds? I understand he was desperate that time, but that doesn’t mean he’s guilt free..
          I’m not saying Dev is the ultimate criminal in their broken relationship
          All I’m saying is, just like an onlooker to a crime is a partial criminal, his uselessness in being a bridge between wife and mother, is what lead to his loss. The sooner he realises, the real progress in the storyline will begin.
          I’m not a ‘Dev-hater’, I am most critical of him, as I feel he has the biggest transformation to undergo, not even Ishu can compare.

        • You are right Dev is mistaken from the beginning he should have stand with his wife and explains to his mother that she’s his wife and she’s the lady of the house not only her and also his aunt Radha rani always says bad words to his wife and never anybody stops her

    • You are right Dev is mistaken from the beginning he should have stand with his wife and explains to his mother that she’s his wife and she’s the lady of the house not only her and also his aunt Radha rani always says bad words to his wife and never anybody stops her

  10. Hi everyone
    So so true…had se jyada kuch bhi achcha nahin…pyar bhi nahin..dard bhi nahin..
    This man called Dev Dixit…
    He has told his Maa that Sona is coming to Dixit house as Soha’s mother only and nothing else…only for Soha,Soha and Soha
    And now he is claiming his right on Sona..
    Those words he spoke yesterday same as he said in the separation night..rude and abhodro. Even I got angry and annoyed.
    But Dev separated from Sona against his heart. As Saheli ma’am said,Dev can’t say ‘I love you’ so easily now. Both loved each other,tried to stay n live together,but failed. Dev tried to move on many times as Elina told about his many girl friends.It was his own attempts,unlike Sona ,who got ready to marry Ritwick then just to move on from Dev,fate had given her a chance to move on. But both failed again.
    Hope they understand themselves n each other this time.
    Even I want, Dev to break himself completely so that he can build himself again with renewed strength n love.
    Let Ishwari returns, I wish Dev can stand for his emotions n relationship with Sona this time.

  11. Hey Saheli,
    Though today I am just unable to express my feelings, but I can of course say thank you for your Writeups. You are so needed after the episode ends. Yesterday also you were missing, but after the Thursdays episode, I wasn’t able to sleep..
    I knew dev was all broken inside, but then he expressed and I was shattered. It was like everyone knows that one day this will happen and we wait for that day, but when that happens, its so painful.. Dev’s each and every word gave me pain in my heart. There was something hurting me in my throat and my heart. I have no words to describe that pain. Dev Dikshit.. My hero.. And all dead in love and life. Today everyone will accept that dev was badly hurt, so contrast to few days back. Even I was one of them. But finally dev spoke up his mind all inner turmoil that had hurted him.
    If you say we bit by bit break each other to rebuild each other again.. Don’t you think that scar will remain?? Forever?? Even if Dev Sona reunite again, won’t there be a bit of hesitation?? Will they be able to love each other so purely and innocently?? Will there be the same freshness in their love?? Now only respect and understanding will be there, but lack of the same haq they had on each other will be missing.. Alas, my old dev is almost dead. Even though this dev is equally pure and selfless in love but he won’t be able to love sona like he did.. And I want my old Dev Dikshit back..!! (I’M SHOUTING)
    Khatarnaak Khatri has something which can destroy ishwari, but he doesn’t know that sonakshi is stubborn bahu who will save ishwari and send him behind the bars. Then ishwari and sonakshi may bond like Ashaji and Ronita..
    The episode was so heart wrenching that I had to explain myself that this is a parallel shown. In S1 Dev had hid sona’s truth (infertility) and now in S2 sona is hiding dev’s truth.. Parallels.. Indeed the makers gave us a beautiful episode, but itna pain?? Kahi heart failure hota toh?? 💔??
    Yes, Ishwari was missing physically throughout the week but she was present everyday. With khatri, GKB mamaji sonakshi and dev, ofcourse. The show has to say about all their main leads. If Dev is shown missing then he’ll be there in sona’s thoughts or somehow they show them. But today we’ll have broken sonakshi also.. Thats another pain to handle, but thanks to the Precap, it has mentally prepared me to stay ready for it. Dev toh almost killed me, but I know he is going to be fine soon. All I want is same dev and same sonakshi who were madly in love with each other..
    I know I sound like a child.. But kya karu control nahi hota..!!
    Thank you. 💞

    • Hey Shilpa, don’t be upset….The process of completely destroying and rebuilding in itself is a constructive process….All the past complains, anxiety, agony, misgivings will be destroyed completely…Their love will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of their past….And this love will be pure and even deeper….Just as they say, ” say mein tap kar kundan banta hair”… This process is somewhat similar… Their love has been subjected to so many hardships and tests that they will emerge stronger and fearless than ever…And this time, no one, however strong, will be able to tear them apart…. This is what I feel…. Right now, however painful it is for us, we have to go with the flow…. The fact which is most disturbing, is that it is Friday today…. another weekend without KRPKAB… I think I will die of anticipation…

      • Hey Sreya,
        Yes even I tell myself to go with the flow.. And its a show, but dil hai ki manta nahi.. Yeh bekarari kyu ho rahi hai, yeh janta nahi..!!
        And well said, inka pyar kundan hi hai jo tap kar sona banta hai..!!

  12. What a cracker of an evning, 1st the awesome IPL match, such a ‘paisa wasool’ batting performances and then what n amazing episode. 🤗🤗
    After the writers played out a maiden over previous nite, and frustrating us, they hit six 6s out of the stadium with yesterdays episode , 1 of the best post leap! 👏🤗
    Both the batsmen Dev and Sona were in full form, hats 🎩 off sharica!
    Sorry Jatin fans who think him and Sona should b together, can any1 beat Sona and Dev’s chemistry??🙇Their eyes did all the talking, didn’t need those hard hitting dialogues.
    Soha and Golu too were awesome, every second of the episode was just amazing 😉

  13. Hey Saheli! I was waiting for your article…Last night’s episode was emotionally exhausting…No matter how much I tried could not help myself from sobbing like a mad woman!! The episode literally left me in complete bewilderment… I could not relate to what all happened….But luckily the episode was uploaded on you tube soon enough…So I got the chance to rewatch it… And I could kinda relate to Dev’s aggression…. He was completely defeated, cheated and exhausted….All these years, this man tried to fight the immense pain that incurred him after Sona was gone… But yesterday he succumbed to the pain….It was excruciating… All these 7 years, he knew Sona was not with him, but she was not with anyone else either… So maybe, at the bottom of his heart he had a secret wish to get her back someday…. But the thought that he had completely lost all rights on her was more than he could bear…. You are absolutely correct, that he has reached the stage before going numb….The hurt was so deep, probably it was easier to stop breathing in comparison to the pain that was inflicted on him….However much he may deny, but loosing Sona forever is something Dev can never deal with….And I believe even Sona understood that….She knew it was not Dev’s anger speaking, but it was the deep hurt that made him speak such rude hurtful words to her….Those words he spoke, pained him more than Sona….But he could not control himself…. The hurt was beyond repair…. Love is very painful indeed….Unlike physical hurt, the wound inflicted by love are beyond healing….
    Both Dev and Sona have had enough….They need each other more than anything else in the world….Destiny has been very cruel to them…. I just hope they find peace and love in each other soon…..Just hope so….


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