Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : A Giver Today Might Easily Become A Taker Tomorrow – That’s How Weird Life Is!

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

I have some things to say about each character tonight. Especially, Sonakshi, Ishwari and Radha Rani.

I have hears these words a lot from many hypocrite people before in reality. So I will just quote those people whom I have never admired today. But indeed I got reminded of their words. So here you go –

  • For a happy marital life, the girl should always earn less than the man
  • For a happy marital life, the girl should always keep her self respect outside the door of the house.
  • For a happy marital life, your respect and your family’s respect is always secondary. You should always think of your husband and in laws first. If your priorities do not change after marriage, you are a bad example of a bahu.
  • For a happy marital life, you should just forget and move on from the incident when your husband ‘accidentally’ slapped your father but you should always remember when your husband is scolded by your father.
  • For a good marital and lovely life, you should call it peace always with your mother in law who has absolutely no regrets about insulting and getting your father hurt by her son. And instead you should simply, take care of her ‘respect’.
  • For being an ideal bahu, you should learn how to adjust everyday at your in laws despite getting taunts from a maami like Radha Rani and your husband and mother in law being silent each time you are insulted.
  • For being an ideal bahu, you should not only leave your surname behind but you definitely should leave your identity of being a daughter behind as well.
  • For being an ideal bahu, your husband may leave you, blame you and keep you as a secondary person in his life for his parents but you can’t think of your parents first while being a family to them.

I have a question here. If Sonakshi’s father had given 5 crores to Neha to set up her business and Ishwari was insulted like that of Bijoy by Saurabh at the Bose house, wouldn’t Dev have come to return the same money to Bijoy to respect the honour of his mother? If he is right in doing so, then why is Sona wrong? Because he is a son and she is a daughter? How pathetic our society is!

So for those who are saying it’s Sonakshi’s fault that such a calamity is happening, think twice what you are asking. If you still want her to forget everything that has happened with her and her family in the last 4 days, then it’s simply a shame on being a woman. I would anyday choose to be with a family like the Bose’s rather than being in a zoo like the Dixit Mansion wherein everyone are double standard people except probably Mamaji who has lost control on events and Dev, who never had any control on anything.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Now about Ishwari. She said a line today to Sonakshi that reminded me how many of our parents work hard and pay premiums to various insurance policies in order to keep our and their future safe.

She said, “I have always given everything and never took anything”. Really? I didn’t get certain things. I thought for half her life she never had anything to give, and then in the rest half of her life she was so obsessed with the giver (her son) in her life that she could not even give HIM properly to her daughter in law and she talks about giving everything to everyone? I will tell what she gave till date. She worked hard and struggled immensely to invest into a human insurance programme so that it becomes her personal remote controlled robot in later life and gives her and her daughters all the comfort she missed in her early years. That’s much like putting premiums in insurances. My parents did it too, I am sure everyone does. If you call that giving, then we all have given. What’s the big deal in that?

Did she give Neha what she deserved in her childhood? Did she give enough respect to Sonakshi in that house? Did she give enough freedom to Dev to take his decision? Did she give equal love and affection to all her children? Did she give same attention to all 4 of her children? You could not even give Dev his love with an open and happy heart. Then what have you given Ishwari?

If we talk about givers and takers here, then all I would say is life is weird and it plays odd games with us. Today you might have everything to give and you show it off to others by saying, ‘I only give and never take’. But who knows, tomorrow time may just make you another taker and today whom you are considering a taker might just become a life saving giver to you. I wrote long time back in an article, probably written in September, asking what will Ishwari do if some day this same Bahu of hers becomes the bread earner of this family for whom she made her son sign a pre-nup.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Dearest Radha Rani’s wishes are soon going to be fulfilled. She will become the next ‘Chaupat Raja’ of this ‘Andher Nagri’. What will be left off this Dixit household then?

About Bijoy. He is a typical Bengali communist. Communism culture is something that is very much confined within the boundaries of Bengal and probably Kerala and I don’t think everyone will understand it. These kind of people take their insults very seriously and they don’t forget it easily. Their life’s motto is very simple, “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”. For them pride, respect, honour, self esteem, dignity are not just words but are a way of life. Their principles are their ambitions. People who are staunch communists might understand what I am saying today. Now you know why Bengal had a communist government for 34 years even in a democratic set up! (not that it was deprived of corruption of course!)

About Dev? Well, poor guy is trapped. He can’t do anything now. Things gone out of his hands. He has to suffer now for being an ignorant husband through all the months and for thinking that only his love is enough for his wife to lead a happy life in his mad house.

Erica Fernandes As Sonakshi In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Erica Fernandes As Sonakshi In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Lastly, for a person to know his/her worth a set back once in life is necessary. To run behind something, you literally need to get addicted to it. Dev got addicted to his work because he wanted to earn money as he lived the life of an under-privileged for many years. Dev got addicted to Sonakshi too, as he lived a life that was deprived of any friend who understood him the way she did.

Dr. Sonakshi Bose too needed a push to rise from being Bijoy Bose’s daughter or Dev Dixit’s wife and make her own self identity. She needed that set back to get equal to the Dixits on one thing which makes them feel that they are superior to anyone and that they are the givers and not the takers.

She would face unbelievable amount of complications in her life henceforth but she will cross them all because she is hurt in the most dangerous way and this addiction to progress in life will act as a healing medicine to her wound. And yes, if she plans to leave Dev, she needs to leave Delhi. For if she stays in that city, then Dev Dixit, whose anger on Sonakshi has a life of only 24 hours, will anyhow find her out. So she needs to leave without leaving a trace of hers.

From hereon, get ready to witness a very different Sonakshi returning back on screen. This Sonakshi might be far more stronger, richer and successful than the Dixits ever thought she can be. And I hope when she returns, the Dixits no longer remains the ‘givers’. That would give me some sadistic pleasure.

People might ask, why a separation is needed. Well, when two people can’t walk on the same path, it’s healthy to walk on the roads they prefer to walk separately or else accidents would take place. If they are meant for each other, then one day their roads will collide making them walk together again.

This separation is needed to make Ishwari realise that her son will not get alright on his own as she said at the dining table yesterday. She needs to realise Sonakshi’s worth in her family and also that Dev is no longer an 8 year old but a 28 years old whose every need cannot be sufficed by his mother. Only this separation can bring in the change that is required in Ishwari. Or else, she will continue to remain the same and Dev and Sonakshi will continue to live in love but in hell!

P.S:- I have written yesterday in the article about what MIGHT happen in the show in my ‘words of wisdom’ part to Ishwari. I would not be surprised if the same happens in the show. And if it happens, I want a gift from my readers.
So get your thinking caps on and think of a good name for Dev and Sonakshi’s daughter. But there’s a clause. The name of ‘Dev’ should be there in the name. Think of a name through which it would be apparent that a part of Dev would remain with Sona even when he won’t be there. Let’s see who can get more creative! At least this task would make you guys think less of the mad house’s family members and think more about the upcoming bliss!

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  1. Hats off saheli….. Wonderful article i like the order of pictures too.. I m from south so i m neither familiar with hindi names nor bengali names sorry… Devakshi would be nice. makers even used that often in the show….well i m not happy with that leap too…it turns out to be a typical twist….let’s c what they have in store post leap.

  2. Awesome article Saheli, just what a lot of us wanted to say… even though dev behaved terribly with sona, he still gets all our sympathy. He did everything for his mother from such an young age, even left sonakshi’s love, the only thing he ever wanted for him in his entire life, still his mother never trusted him enough to know he would be there for her always… what son deserves this?

    The separation might be a good dose of much awaited bucket of cold water for him, losing the only person who actually ever loved and cared for him..

    A few people suggested devki or devika for dev-sona daughter, sorry yaar guys I really don’t want that name… the reason being ishwari. If you guys remember the hospital scene when sonakshi had an accident and ishwari keeps saying dev ki ma, dev ki ma, god she was seriously annoying… nothing personal guys..

  3. First of all hats off to your thinking . I just love the articles you write and yes she is devakshi’ s daughter so her name surely would be DEVAKSHI which would have the names of both the parents.😘😇

  4. Correctly said. Ishwari has never been a giver.All that she has given to her children is the constant reminder that they should be grateful to her for the life they are leading now. I strongly believe in Karma and Ishwari ‘s Karma will come back to her; she will become a taker instead of a giver. As for the leap of 7 years I hope the show doesn’t become an EK melodrama. We have had enough of leaps in serials on Indian tv . A leap of 3 or 4 months should be fine wherein Dev comes to know of Sona’s pregnancy but is not able to coerce Sona into coming back into his life. Sona should emerge as a powerful single mother with the child knowing its father’s identity but rejecting the father as one who failed his/her mother. Thais will be a true slap to Ishwari and Dev. Sona’s empowerment will send positive vibes to the viewers especially to single mothers who normally are quite under rated in our society.
    As for the daughter’s name it could be Devlina or Debona ,typical Bengali names.

  5. Too good article saheli. U have just written my mind. I’m liking it to d core. Daughter’s name I guess is Devakshi. It carries bith their names.

  6. Today you said exactly my words. Thank you so much. I was always wondering why Bengalis and Keralites are egoist. I thought it is their culture because education makes people humble. Now i know well ☺
    Ishwari is impossible much more than I thought. Sona is trying to solve Devs problems by returning money but Ishwari wants to blame Sona for everything??? It is confirmed she is digging her own grave.

    I am sorry I don’t want Sona to have baby now, she should focus on work and clearing the loan. It is not good to concieve when she is stressed. It is not practically possible as she has a medical condition. It may take 1 or 2 yrs after treatment.

    Sonakshi and Bose family will suffer because of Dev’s so called mistake, only he can resolve the issue. Devs only mistake is considering Bose as his family. Now both Sona and Dev will go through hell for others mistakes.
    I hope Dev finds Ishwaris pre-nup agreement soon (with his own signature) and realise her height of insecurity and possessiveness. He should know Ishwari does not trust Dev and Sonakshi even before their marriage and she did everything (she calls it extra love) to Dev only for his money and authority. Dev should differentiate between Ishwaris conditional love, ego, possiveness, expectations and Sonakshis unconditional love for him. His happiness and freedom lies with Sonakshi and not Dixit family.

    • Why writers made Saurabh Bose a weak personality? He is a smart experinced businessman who took risk of 5 crores. He is capable of multiplying it. He also should take responsibiliy of resolving issues in Bose family and Devakshi relationship. Even God can’t help mad Dixits.

  7. Love your articles Saheli…. I agree with everything you’ve said, and I’m sure most agree.
    But a 7 year leap !!! KRPKAB is becoming like all the other stuff on TV now and that’s soooo dissapointing.
    We all know Ishwari is crazy and Sona leaving Dev will only make a difference to Dev and no one else in that Dixit house. GKB is gonna be thrilled and I really don’t know what they are doing with Elena in the show – she’s of no use. Just stands around and watches her family get humiliated .
    Mamaji has words of wisdom always but unfortunately neither his sister, Dev or GKB actually ever listen to him.
    Dev deserves all the misery he will get now because he has never learnt the value of Sona in his life and has never been able to get her the respect she deserves in his house- that is after all the husbands responsibility. How a wife gets treated in her in laws house greatly depends on how your husband is. He has never stood up for her and that gives everyone in that house a right to humiliate her all the time. The best thing he will do for her is to tell her to leave actually, because that family does not deserve her. She’s toooooo good for them. Bunch of idiots.
    God I’m just so mad at Dev and Ishwari today 😠.
    Selfish mother and idiot son. His character is just going downhill. No redemption for him.

  8. Ohhh Saheli what an article you have penned down! Today your wrath against Ishwari echoed with mine. What has she given really? Nothing except for confusion and pain. A mother who never understood him and refused to respect his love is desperately trying to justify how magnanimous she is? My foot!!!
    All parents give their best to groom their children but very few are so obsessive about what they have given! Ishwari a control freak , insecure soul even goes to the extent of controlling her son’s bedroom activities, couldn’t teach her own daughter the sasural lecture that she gave Sonakshi. Disgusting!
    I hope this great self proclaimed Giver eventually becomes a Taker becoz the journey of life is known to take such drastic turns.Todays Raja might become the Praja tomorrow!
    The separation is inevitable but will that teach a lesson to Mr Dumb Dixit I wonder? He enjoys being blind when it comes to his mother!
    I am confused about this leap though! Yes time heals a lot of wounds we know so will it heal Sonakshi’s too but will it heal Dev’s? I just feel sorry for this good soul who was just foolish and not having the sense of discretion in most of the times. Besides, not knowing about his daughter the tiny Sona he desired for 7 years would be unfair towards him.My compassionate mind just cries out for this good soul who has been exploited to the hilt by his mother. Also, Dev will not be able to cherish the moments of the child’s arrival. Again GKB will question after 7 years about the real father of this child. Once again dirty drama on finger printing etc to prove.
    Mamaji does very little to be effective and today he was merely a spectator!
    I wonder what is Elena’s role just a couple of lines when so much drama went on with her mashi mesho and favourite Sona and Dada , she tried little.
    I can understand the emotional Bijoy a typically Bengali communist. But he has spent his time mostly in Delhi and his approach should have mellowed down . I love the fact that he stands by his daughter no matter what and reminds me of my father who would do the same. But his hyper nature bothers me and this often creates a problem in a daughters life.He does go overboard at times!
    I think Dev ought to know that he has a daughter some way and I hope he doesn’t fall into the trap of divorce amd remarriage. Atleast his better sense should prevail once!!!Let us see how the story unfolds! I will think about a nice name for yheir daughter meanwhile!

  9. Very well written, their daughter name should be Devakshi Dixit, here l would like to mention one thing if they are taking leap, Sona is keeping secret of her pregnancy, than she should be honest with her daughter she has to tell about dev.Unlike other Serial father identify was not reveal it brings negative impact on child, because Dev always want a daughter, Dev is nice guy he married her despite of her pregnancy issue he loved her so much, Dev brought was not so strong like Sona,Ishwari brought Dev not as a son but one machine who earned money for her and her daughter a d ofcourse for sis in law.

  10. Your article is always most awaited, Saheli..
    Today I have no difference in thoughts with you. I completely agree with your opinions. And please accept my bows.. You know why? Today your rage for ishwari penned all my inner anger for her. Mamiji, I mean GKB (she’s better that way) if she is the king of andheri nagari then everything is going to be chaupat for sure..!! Neha is useless, with no brains.. Sonakshi has banged on..!!
    But when it comes to Dev.. I’m a bit.. Like. Hmm umm..But today I confess.. I was totally against separation, but now I think its necessary for ishwari, Dev and the whole Dikshit family to know the value of sonakshi or the bahu or say ghar ki lakshmi..!! You say ishwari will realize.. I doubt again. But I want dev to realise that she is not his God at all..!! I want Dev’s desperation to its highest level.. Go and find sonakshi and ignore his Maa at least for his wife this time. Dev needs to be with sonakshi. Instead of blindly following and obeying his maa he needs to be back as Mr Abodhoro.
    About mamaji, he came back and has not made any difference yet. GKB needs spanking from him. If a leap of 7yrs is about to come, let dev know that he’s a father or will be a father by Ashaji.. She has a role to play also.. (don’t abandon Dev 🙏, please) well that’s my view, rest is up to the makers.
    Like all say.. My mind had this name and its not that I just guessed.. I knew they’ll have a baby girl and she will be named DEVAKSHI.!! Dev had subconsciously named this as their pair, but that day I realised their girl will be devakshi.. He always wanted a girl.. I’m glad it’s a girl.. Being a father of a girl makes him so proud, he’ll realise soon.. Then the bond between sasur damaad will be better.
    Saheli, you give us your writings, makes my day, since 2 days, you make me sleep sound.. Thanks again.. 💕

  11. Devakshi’s daughter name starting with Dev would be Devarthi Dixit (my name) or Devanshi Dixit or Devika Dixit

  12. Excellent thanks for the interesting comments on the main ladies of the show and our Dev,the human insurance,love this!

  13. Oooo What gift do you want Saheli?? First give me the name of your Twitter account.😊

    Then is the leap happening? With all those unsolved issues? I don’t know but if spoilers are true and Sona is going to have a baby and keeping it a secret from Dev, that would be unfair for the girl, to stay away from her father for 8 yrs.

    But I don’t want this leap to happen. Then what will be the reason for NOT showing pure negative characters from the start? Grey characters were shown for redemption. Everything will get sorted, even Ishwari was realising during the baby issue.
    If this happens, then no point of marrying someone with a family like this. Separation is unavoidable but NO LEAP PLEASE!!🙏🙏🙏

    I want to say that Bose family had no problem with Sonakshi helping Dixits many times but when Dev is doing so, Dixits have an issue. I totally got your point that if Bijoy had helped Neha and then insulted Ishwari what Dev would’ve have done, no need for explanation. I can’t ever comprehend the concept of marriage. But (no comparison) Ritwik took stand for Sona infront of his father keeping aside the fact that Dev has a history of rags-to-riches and emotional childhood trauma.

    Are we heading towards “Dev Ki Deewangi” Part-2?? I think Dev is habituated learning the truth the bitter way. But I hope it’s not TOO late this time.😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    About the baby girl’s name, I’d say “Devakshi” which translates as “the eye of the god”or “the pineal gland” hope she becomes the reason for this god’s(Ishwari) opening of her eyes. If it’s too old fashioned then- “Devanshi, Devina, Devija, Devjyoti, Devika, Devya, Devyanka, Devyani, Devi.

    And thanks for diverting our minds.😊


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