Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : When The King Goes Blind His Kingdom Is Ought To Get Dark!

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

I really didn’t want to write today without seeing how things play out tonight. But since there are a few requests on Twitter, here are my tit bits about the episode –

There’s a saying in Hindi, “Andher Nagri, Chaupat Raja, Takey Sher Bhaaji, Takey Sher Khaaja”. For the uninitiated, the phrase is taken from a famous play in which a disciple comes to his guru asking permission to travel and settle down in a far away country. To make the disciple understand how unhealthy, unjust and undesirable the place is, he says that one line. But the disciple doesn’t agree with his guru and decides to travel back to the land only to witness the mad king and his mad kingdom there. To translate in English it would be, “Dark is the city, insane is the king”, where from sweets to vegetables, you get everything at one rate.

In the mad kingdom, 4 people want to steal a man’s riches. They try to climb a wall to steal. But the weak wall falls on them killing all 4 of them. The family of the thieves are angry then and they go to court of justice. They say that the 4 thieves were just being professional and doing something that was their profession, the wall was weak and that was the fault of the home owner and he shall be punished. The home owner said that he must not be punished but the man who built the wall should be punished. The wall builder said, he shall not be punished, but the man who mixed the cement shall be punished. The man who made the cement said, he shall not be punished but there had been a passer by who disturbed him while mixing the cement, he distracted him, so he shall be punished. The mad king summoned for the passer by and ordered to hang him for murder. But when the man was to be hanged, his neck turned out to be too thin for the noose. By law, the king then ordered that the first man whose neck would fit the noose would be hanged till death.

At the end, the guards captured the disciple who had just entered the ‘Andher Nagri’, brought him to test his neck, it fit the noose and so the king ordered him to be hanged till death.

Now you know why the kingdom is called the ‘dark city’ and why the ruler is called ‘insane king’.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Supriya Pilgaonkar And Shaheer Sheikh In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

The problem of the Dixit household is that the queen of that house is as naive, insane, insecure and unjust as the king of that ‘Andher Nagri’. She is blinded, not habituated to live in light and her this constant habit brings in darkness for everyone who lives with her.

Sonakshi is like that disciple, who was warned by her guru (in this case her father Bijoy Bose), about how mad is the place where she wants to go. But she still went. No matter who is wrong and because of whom, one is offended, for the mad queen in our story, the fault always lied with ‘Sonakshi’.

Ishwari’s problem isn’t that Dev gave money to Saurabh. Her problem is that Dev didn’t ask her before giving money to Saurabh. Her old pre-nup insecurity came back again as she thought Dev might give away everything to his wife’s family barring his mother and sisters, who are financially depended on him.

Let’s face it. This might sound harsh, but a lady who had to struggle for even Rs 10 for half her life, 5 crores going out of her cupboard without her knowledge is too much to bear for her. That’s one disadvantage of being in a family of first generation learners and first generation earners.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

A strong lady of the house will never stand and witness mutely when her one relative would insult her another relative. A righteous person would never stay quiet when her samdhi would be humiliated with words like ‘thief’, ‘fraud’ and ‘liar’. Ishwari by staying quiet and blaming Bijoy and even asking him to bring Saurabh without consulting Dev, paved the way for disaster in her kingdom. She laid the founding stone wherein she and her good for nothing sister in law, her useless son (Vickey) and Ishwari’s daughters are henceforth going to lead the best life they had ever wished for. But on what cost? At the cost of their bread earner’s own bread. This is what happens with you when you make the wrong person rule your kingdom, sit on the throne, take decisions of your life and worship her as your God!

“Andher Nagri, Chaupat Raja”
– these words fit so perfectly in this scenario, don’t they?

P.S:- About Dev hitting Bijoy. Well, what’s wrong is wrong and no ‘accident’ justifies it. If Dev wants forgiveness, he has to earn it himself this time. Rest will talk about it as it plays out in the episode.

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  1. Once again Saheli you have so aptly compared the Dixit house to Andheri nagri! Yes Ishwari the blind queen is the most ignorant perhaps but thinks she ” knows it all”! Problem is, in that Andheri nagri we also have a blind Prince who fails to realise his mistakes and always wants to believe that his mother the queen is right and can even take up the most unjust path. I hope Sonakshi makes her prince charming realise that it is high time he opened his eyes and saw the light around and that his mother the Queen is indeed blind! Till then, I will wait for the story to unfold.

  2. I appreciate your syory telling and analysis. Thank you so much. I wait for your article as much as the episode.
    How can Ishwari be so selfish? All the money Dev earns should be in the family, its ok if GKB steals it or Vickey misused it. Ishwari was giving part of her food to a beggar in her difficult days, and now she cant give small money to Bose family? Where did all her sanskar go now? Bijoy said it right, when a person who has not seen money gets lot of money this is what happens. Does Dev takes her permission before making investments or any business decisions? How can she expect Dev to inform this one?

    All the drama because Mamaji is not at home. Bose family are understanding will forgive Dev soon, Dev Sona will patch up, but problems in Dixit house will increase for Devakshi. Hope Dev realises right and wrong, only Sonakshi can make him do that.

  3. Thank saheli, very apt heading. Just thinkig that if Sonakshi would slap gkb or Ishwari by mistake as they also torture her in their own way then What Dev would have done. When Dev saw that his mother was murmuring and Not talking to Dev after revealing the truth that Saurav did not ask any help from him,It was Dev only who approached him and gave him 5cr, he became restless and slaped Bijoy as he was shouting at Ish. So, to keep her mother happy he can do anything even hit others also. Today it was Bijoy tomorrow it may be Sonakshi. Dev’s act is not forgivable. If he loves his mother then it was Bijoy only who as a father brought up Sonakshi not as a daughter but as a son. If we talk about parenting Bijoy’s parenting is not only better but also greater then ishwari. Ish neglected her daughters to bring her son up with better facilities u but Bijoy gave preference and importance to his daughter. So, for Sona also her father comes first. Sona should not forgive Dev for this. I am also eagerly waiting what sona would do now, how would she react? Saheli really great article. Pls keep writing.

  4. “That’s one disadvantage of being in a fanily of first generation learners and first generation earners.” πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Wah!! So well thought!!

  5. As I always say, you give a perfect write up.. Thanks, Saheli.. I bow down.. You changed my perspective altogether about the show.. This indeed is a perfect example for the story you narrated. Ishwari’s Kingdom may not flourish but I pity sonakshi as well as Dev who made his maa the head of the family. I think if like everyone says this is the twist in the story, then the twist should make dev aware of his mistake as worshipping ishwari as ishwar. Ishwari has no brains of her own or say she can’t decide what’s wrong or right, she is totally influenced by GKB the poison of this show.. I may not blame Vicky for his deeds as he has learnt all this from his maa. So rightly said.. Maa is always praised or blamed for giving her child upbringing (sanskar).
    As for bijoy, he wasn’t at mistake till dev entered.. He became more noisy once the couple came (devakshi). Asha tried to calm him, but no bijoy was bijoy.. If he had sat down for a while without listening a word frm GKB, I guess the scenario would have been controlled..
    Sonakshi well defended her father, after all he was her father and dev will have to convince the Bose family that it was accidental and not intentional – the slap.
    I’m only worried about the next step shown, would bijoy at all forgive dev? And no separation please.. The fans here keep saying about this.. But I have to accept as the makers show.. So I’m calm as the show progresses and be hopeful to get the best.
    Thanks again for your time.. Your writings do make a difference, so please do write.. Thank you πŸ’•

  6. Nice example of andher nagri chaupat raja..so apt or the dixit house. Radha Rani speaks so ill about sonakshi amd her family but dev only reacts as he is not able to handle her and ignore her..actually she deserves a slap..and the slapping incident I don’t think can be justified anyway..I think Sona will stay at her parents home and after few days thay will show that she has conceived..then it would be interesting to watch what will Ishwari and Dev do to bring her back home..meanwhile Dev will try to get forgiveness from Bose family.

  7. thanks saheli for your article… you aptly said that the person sitting on the throne is so insecure that she doesn’t understand what it right or wrong…. but the reality is that this is what happens in many of the families .. boy mother is so insecure that they don’t like how her son is giving importance to other family…

    the act of Dev is not justified in any manner whatsoever…. and you rightly said all blame gonna come on Sonakshi only…

    lets hope writers have stored something strong for Sonakshi ….


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