Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Love Not Only Needs A Big Heart But Also Requires Enough Courage!

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

It’s quite amusing to watch Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi these days. The show till now is moving forward quite practically. So here’s my tit bits about the current episodes –

Last night, especially, I could not help but laugh seeing Ishwari. The lady has absolutely no faith on her dear son now when it comes to Sonakshi. She knows he lied once, and thinks that he can lie again. So she is all set to accompany them to the doctor and doesn’t want to leave them alone even during tests. Forget that. Now she is suddenly not at all worried about Neha’s feelings. Now that she needs a grandchild, she can send off both to honeymoon without thinking ‘Mera beta mere bina kaise rahega’ or ‘Neha ko kitna bura lagega’. So much for a baby who still doesn’t exist! I wonder why Ishwari is regarded as a God in the show by Dev. To me she looks like a typical mother in law from my neighbourhood!

Just because she had a difficult life after her husband’s death doesn’t make her a God. There are many single mothers in the world and I don’t think all of them act or react like Ishwari does. But I have known some mothers who have husbands alive, but still they react like Ishwari does. It’s just that I am little bit tired of this God like attachment to her name.

And I am desperately waiting for the pre-nup drama hoping that will help Dev see that he indeed is his mother’s son and that she indeed is his mother. Genes talk you see. Both lied to each other due to their own fears and insecurities. Dev lied thinking his mother would take Sona away from him and Ishwari lied thinking Sona will take away Dev and his property from her. How ironical!

Sonakshi In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Sonakshi In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

About Sonakshi. Well, the girl is in shock. For those people who are still blaming her, it’s not easy for a girl to suddenly become a rebel. The revelation has jolted her and she is yet to cope up with the harsh truth. Till now, her husband has asked her to ‘try’ only and her mother in law has asked her ‘to be hopeful’. She herself wants to become a mother and hence, she is ready to accept the fertility treatment.

The pros and cons of the situation is yet to be revealed in front of her. She is yet to go through the pain of humiliation. Women, in general, are always ever ready to do everything for a person who claim to love them. And currently, Sona is doing all this thinking that she is still loved and that she is doing it for her own family. Quite selfless she is. But she still didn’t get the hint of the selfishness of the Dixits. And until that strikes her hard, retaliation from her side would have to wait.

Dev In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Dev In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

About Dev. Well, I remember one of my friend telling me a certain line told to her by her father long time ago. I feel it’s very apt for Dev somehow. To love someone, you not only need a big heart, but courage to do so as well. Dev, fortunately has a very big heart to love but he lacks courage in love, especially in front of his mother.

Don’t take decisions if you can’t handle the consequences in a decent way. Don’t take decisions, if you can’t stand by them and own your mistakes.

None of his decisions were selfish nor they were bad. It’s just that he is unable to handle the consequences strongly. For a person like Dev, who has difficulties in keeping his emotions in check and has a twisted kind of wiring inside his head, making decisions without consulting can create huge errors. And we know, his saying that he is responsible for his decisions, isn’t going to save Sona’s neck forever. His decisions will always have an inverse reaction on Sonakshi. Especially when his God, doesn’t expect him to take big decisions of his life without telling her. To her, he is still an 8 year old. And an 8 year old isn’t supposed to make or take decisions.

Lastly, about the spoiler of Dev hitting Bijoy accidentally. Well, that’s something I would like to see how Dev redeems himself. I would like to see how Sonakshi reacts to it and I would want Sona to ask Dev if he would have forgiven her as easily if she by mistake did the same with Ishwari. Mr. Dev Dixit has a problem. He does everything in the heat of the moment. Let’s list out his heat of the moment actions –

1. He realises he is in love. Breaks ties to Natasha. Goes to propose Sonakshi at 2 am in the night.
2. Witnesses mom at the hospital. Tells Sonakshi to go away. Breaks ties with her.
3. Witnesses Sonakshi with another man. Decides to ruin his career. Anyhow, to not let Sonakshi get married. But doesn’t know what to do after that.
4. Mom says to bring Sonakshi back. Dev goes and tells Sona, mom wants you back. Let’s patch up. No realisation of the blunder he did.
5. Doctor says Sona can’t become pregnant. Lie to everyone so that no one knows and get married without any issues. No need to think about future implications.
6. Gets to know about false pregnancy of Sonakshi. Creates an impression that she is really pregnant without thinking how he will handle everything once truth is out.
7. In a difficult state and uncontrollable situation. Doesn’t know how to make his family understand how and why he invested in Saurabh’s business. Mom in bad state. So in the heat of the moment, hit your own father in law.

None of the decisions above are wrong. They are humane and right for that moment probably (barring a few of course!). But where Dev goes wrong is that he gets weak when it comes to own his decisions and stand up to them or show enough courage to execute them successfully. And also, one should never forget, once you commit a mistake, it’s ok. But if you keep committing the same mistakes, then you are no wise man. Dev’s mistakes are very repetitive.

It’s a fact. Always an ‘I Love you’ isn’t enough. In reality, proving those three words by your actions is much more difficult than simply saying them 10 times a day.

Note – This article is dedicated to one of my great friend Surya Ravi. It’s her father’s words that spring into my head today while writing this piece. So thank you to uncle. He is probably one of those real life Bijoy Bose out there!

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  1. I miss the Sonakshi who was strong and would give a piece of her mind to any nonsense. Well, I wonder in reality a character like Dev would ever be able to retain an intelligent woman like Sonakshi? It really looks illogical when he succumbs to every unreasonable demand of his mother. I don’t think any girl in Sonakshi’s shoes would remain as calm as she is shown to be . Repeated blunders by Dev and a clearly confused mind, impulsive to a great extent would make any logical and sensible person ponder at a point of time. He repeatedly hid truth from her and on what grounds is this relationship based on , I wonder. If its love, then one cannot breach trust.He creates a situation where his family takes utmost pleasure in blaming and humiliating Sonakshi! Isnt this enough for Dev to realise by now???
    He is confused about how to handle both Sonakshi and his mother and yet he is shown to be a successful businessman. Illogical!
    Dev too is thoughtless not allowing Sonakshi the time to overcome this shock as the word ” No ” doesn’t exist where his mother is concerned! I find him selfish too, inert to a lot of sensitivities. A son in law slapping a father in law is really unheard of in a cultured society and Ishwari should remove the word ” sanskar ” from her dictionary! She is a fake individual and is a conniving character!! Are the makers trying to show that grooming indeed is an important part in maintaining relationships? Infact good schooling , good upbringing gets reflected through our behaviour ultimately. Dev probably did not get that.I am just trying to be reasonable to understand the psyche but I am sorry to say this story has moved far away from reality. Especially,when you are in 2017 a mindset of 1970s or rural India is just not acceptable while in an urban set up. Many of us are competant professionals with a family,but we don’t encounter situations which were shown in the last two episodes.The Makers have goofed up definitely or have forgotten the mindset of the present day viewers!

  2. Thanks for putting up everyone’s thoughts in this article…some say dev is after all a human so his actions against bijoy is justified then why not bijoy being shown as a loving caring father concerned about his daughter and her health not justified or for that matter being loud for the right reasons?dixits have been accusing Bose family for wrong reasons.

    Bijoys insecurities with Dixits family still on …after seeing how colors are changing with the instances happening with his daughter and after accusing them to be thieves his insecurity is valid..maybe my thinking might be wrong.

  3. Saheli you have again voiced my thoughts. One thing I want to ask is- Ishu maa wants a waris-i.e. a boy, as boys are the ones who are the kaandan ‘s waris.What if a girl is born?Really Ishu maa is all freaked out. But hats off to Supriya mam for portraying such a complex character and she has truly well deserved the Lion Golden award for the best supporting actress.
    Keep enlightening us with your articles. Best wishes.

  4. Very nice article. U just put my thoughts in your words. I think sona should become stronger for herself now. I know when any woman comes to know that she can’t become a mother then it is a worst thing for her as people believe that woman becomes “Complete woman “only when she gives the birth to the child. But I request to writers, pls don’t show our lady protagonist as ‘Bechari’ who wants to do everything to satisfy her in-laws. Now. The world, our culture is getting changed.’ Bachha na hone per bahu Ko accept na karna aur Bete ki shadi kisi aur se karwana’ is very old, conservative and foolish things. I know it is still practicing in India. But now this world is of women empowerment. Pls show such situations where all girls can proud of themselves. Mr Bijoy is really very good example. We can see many ishwari in real life but Mr Bijoy kind of people are really very rare who is not only proud of her daughter but always stand by her and ready to fight with every one who hurts her daughter. Thank you saheli for your write up.

  5. It really feels good to know the real bijoy s out there…. i agree with u it’s not easy for a girl to become a rebel but even she s a human right every human has one breaking point, regarding sona everyone s tapping that point often i thought this lie about pregnancy would break it down cause more than anyone she s one who got hurt badly. Acceptance from ishwari(even though we know it was conditional one) which she was longing for very long time, all that talk with unborn baby, everything shattered. Dev may have good intentions but i guess u can understand what i mean….i think dev always remains same, a difficult man to deal with, but sonaskshi? I miss old sona.

  6. Hii saheli finally u r here😃 i was desperately waiting for ur article….becoz i jus couldnt understand what is going on in d show or wat wud happen in d future…again an wonderful writeup thanku😃

  7. Hey Saheli, I agree with you at some point and disagree with some.. Saying about Ishwari, I had the ditto thoughts, how can she let them go alone? What will Neha think? so on and so forth. But one thing I noticed was that the story lies in the trio, dev loves sona, convince her to do what maa says just to satisfy her wish. Ishwari wants dev’s child at any cost so that he gets his successor. sonakshi loves dev, here I would say (fears of not being accepted if no baby) and accepts to take the treatment seriously. Overall, where is the real love and concern lie? Aren’t ishwari and dev being selfish?
    About sonakshi I can’t figure out what to say.. But for Dev.. Yes he is an impulsive character. More emotional and can’t stand on his words. Whatever circumstances he has, now he should.. HE SHOULD STAND BY SONAKSHI.. Slapping bijoy sounds bad but I would favour the writers and makers. They know that dev is not God for real.. He is a human like you and me.. So I’m okay. I would thank Mamta and Yash Patnaik for not removing the scene, hopefully. Let the story grow along with time. Viewers will eventually accept what the makers show and appreciate their efforts.
    But one thing I would like them to know, that the Dev Dikshit they gave in the starting episodes is slowly getting weaken.. He has to be The Dikshit.. I see this show as the journey of Dev Dikshit..
    Thanks again for your Writeups and of course the uncle you mentioned.. Please keep writing..

  8. Dev is a looser… Sona could have done so much better with anyone else. He needs a swift kick in the ass and so does his mother. Which planet are they living on – I want someone to ask Ishwari what she would have done if Neha or Riya was the one who could never conceive? ?
    I love Bijoy but he does get a little too loud at times , and Sonakshi needs to get back her spunk. I want the same Sona who went and told Ishwari some home truths after their break up – where is that girl ?


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