Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Mystery Solved ; Issues Resolved And Now The Ball Is In DevAkshi’s Court!

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Good morning everyone!

I had a professor in college during my graduation days. He used to teach us accounts. Sir was nice, good and caring towards students with only one problem. He used to give ‘homework’ to college kids everyday like they were still in school, taught us like school going kids in the class and also with time turned a bit annoying for the students because he had this habit of always bugging the students with their class performance.

Not only that, you won’t believe it if I say that he used to catch students even in the middle of the road asking, ‘Did you submit your homework?’. Moreover, he used to start scolding them right in the middle of the road if they didn’t perform well in that homework. My friends told me when it happened with them but I didn’t believe.

But one day when I was having ‘ganne ka juice’ with my friends at a market place, suddenly I heard someone calling ‘Go – swamiiiii’ very loudly. I turned and saw Sir addressing me loudly shouting his lungs out from a bus stand which was at least 100 to 200 meters away from the place we were standing in.

I didn’t move from there but he came running to me. I was shocked and asked Sir about what happened. And he just asked, ‘Did you submit your homework?’. I went speechless then, my friends laughed at the situation and my leg got pulled throughout the next 3 years as my evil friends started calling me ‘Go – swamiiiii’ in exactly his style to annoy me more.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

After so many years, when I sit and think today, I see Sir in Bijoy. Our accounts sir was a teacher who was willing to teach and wanted everyone, and I repeat every student (good or bad) to score well in exam. In short, he was the kind of teacher who wasn’t just a teacher inside the classroom. He was willing to go beyond the classroom premises to help his students. These days, you will get very less teachers like that.

But while doing so, he literally started bugging, nagging and annoying the students. No one would want their accounts teacher to sit on their head 24×7 in the class, outside the class, at the canteen, during shopping or even during eating, right?

I feel sad today thinking that a sincere teacher like him had got a ‘D’ from the students in the Teachers’ Assessment Programme and I know it did really hurt Sir a lot at that time.

The reason behind citing this example is Bijoy. He does exactly the same thing. His intentions might be all good and caring, but every time sitting on your child’s head whenever he or she takes a decision isn’t cool.

Just like you should not treat college going kids as 5th standard students, the same way you should not treat your grown up independent children as 10 years old. And when no one could make Bijoy understand this, CVs nicely used his mother to get facts straight into his head. Smart move that was by granny deary!

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  1. Hi Saheli!! Your article really pepped me up . Much to the chagrin of the fandom Ishwari ‘s atonement came too fast and it was too little and that had thrown me too into depression.
    But we should let the bygones be bygones. Your article has filled us with positivity that everything happens for the good. As you have put it Dev is lucky as most of all that he wanted in life have been granted to him and he will get back his Sonakshi without the baggage of the past guilt that weighed both Dev and Sonakshi.

  2. Such a beautiful article.. Loved it..

    And i also got reminded of my one college teacher in this semester itself.. She also had gone through a lot coz of us.. And i felt bad for her too..

    Anyways.. Loved the episode and hopefully now things will fall in place with ishwari slowly realising her mistakes done on sona dev and getting all cleared..

    PS do u really think a love triangle or a new entry will come?? Pls dont say this enough of new entries and love triangle..

  3. Greetings, Saheli,

    I loved every bit of the article, today, as usual you are an expert in this field. I agree with all tits and bits.. But I felt that the makers rushed to come to end the ishwari robbery drama. Maybe I am the only one who will miss Mr Khatri when ishwari comes back in her saas avtar. Yes, I’m sure fans will frame Ishwari’s expression and will remind her when she taunts sonakshi ever again. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I was shocked when malti touched Ishwari’s feet and begged sorry?!! πŸ€”πŸ€”
    It was too fast and I couldn’t digest, but chalo things are settling. I thank malti for saying that sona was the only one who opened her eyes and she thanked sonakshi which made ishwari realise that sonakshi is a gem. She was also thankful, but today she’ll say it.
    Radha rani and Vicky will have to plan something big, very big this time and dev needs to give back properly without fail.
    Yes, your wish is mine, too. I always wanted and still I’m waiting for Dev to be friends with Jatin.. And I’m sure it’ll happen soon.
    Dev is so humble, he never fails to say thank you to sonakshi even if it is just a care. He learned to say this from sona and never forgets. On the other hand sona never fails to help dev to take him out of his guilt. She has so much love and concern, but she may express her feelings. She has to deal with bijoy, still. Asha does not know about the promise sona has given to her baba.. Hope this time baba himself helps sona to go and stay happy where her happiness lies.
    About the first two pages of this article, its just perfect so I have to applaud for it.. Dev Dikshit is closest to Mahadev, I have said long back.. And I was waiting for this day.!!

    Thank you Saheli for lovely articles you give us.

  4. Lovely write up Saheli… There is too much negativity in the fandom regarding last night’s episode… was expecting some positivity out of your article and you did not disappoint me… thank you Saheli… People are thinking that the makers could have woven this track in a better way… But complete justice was denied to such a crucial track in the show…
    I somehow have a different view… I believe the track was crisp, short and there was no beating about the bush… Too much dragging of one particular track is so unlike KRPKAB… what do you feel? Please reply if you can…

    • Yes, Sreya.. But somehow I felt that it was rather fast then crisp… But I am okay with that also. At least the story has moved on. The makers have many more things to show.. And being Krpkab the pace is must. I will always remember, Saheli had quoted a few lines.. I don’t remember word to word, but it was a bit like, agar ek ko nyaay milta hai toh dusre ko voh unyaay lagta hai.. Sorry can’t explain but those lines touched me.. I keep those lines in my mind everytime..
      Saheli knows better.. 😊😊

      • So true Shilpa… You are right, that the makers closed this track in a jiffy… But it wasn’t that bad keeping in mind that it is KRPKAB…We have never seen an issue to be dragged more than a week… Did we?

        The fandom should remember that… KRPKAB doesn’t believe in dragging a track unnecessarily…

        Saheli is always right… Justice to someone might be unjust to someone else… So people can differ in their views… Just that, I’m not used to so much negativity in the fandom…

  5. Hi saheli,

    I still don’t think sona should go back to dixit hell hole. Dev is still not over his maa rant. Ishwari is still passing orders like she is the ultimate authority. Both haven’t yet realised what damage they caused to Bose family that night. Dev has yet not asked forgiveness from Bijoy for his rude behavior and Bijoy also needs to accept dev whole heartedly. Rr and Vicky have still not been shown their place.

    • Dev has shown no character growth yet. Ps:I didn’t understand why malti touched ishwari’s feet. What went into her head? Forgiving ishwari is one thing but touching her feet was completely beyond my comprehension.

      • Exactly…Why did Malti have to touch Ishwari’s feet? Big or small,a theft is always a crime… Then why this glorification? Moreover, when Dev got to know how Sona had exposed Khatri, why did he have to fold his hands in front of Sona? A hug or a heartfelt “thank you” would have been more applicable. Sona is no stranger… She is also part of family… Isnt she? Saheli could you please throw some light to this?

      • Absolutely correct! Dev’s character badly needs to grow… He is just the same Dev he was 7 years back… This is so not acceptable…Then what was the need of this leap track?? Devakshi reunion should not be in pipeline, unless Dev’s character has some growth and Ishwari has a self realisation… Or else the same problems will persist…


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