Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Is ‘No Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ For The Moment! – Review Of First Episode After Leap!

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

‘Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam, Tum Rahe Na Tum, Hum Rahe Na Hum’ – These words originally written by Kaifi Azmi for the 1959 movie Kaagaz Ke Phool are magnificent and legendary. And the new remix version of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi simply keeps ringing in your ears even after the episode. Before starting yesterday’s episode’s review, I have a small wish. Can we please get to hear the whole remix version of the song in the show? I hope we get to soon!

Now coming to the episode. It was the relief viewers were searching for since two weeks probably. It had everything that would make you smile, laugh and for overtly emotional people, probably they will get happy tears flowing down from their eyes.

The best part of the episode that would strike the viewers the most are as below –

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

1. The Child Has Every Bit Of Sonakshi, Dev and Bijoy

She has an occasional temperament like that of her grandfather. Nobody can even take her in their lap without her permission. She doesn’t like ‘baby talks’ and she demands respect while anyone talks to her. She considers herself ‘Miss Bose’ and loves it when addressed as ‘Your Highness’. Quite a lot of proud Bijoy that is I would say.

She is her mother’s shadow. Soha listens to whatever her mother says, does and work. And she literally tries to copy that. If her mother says that she doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to take a decision, Soha also follows her footsteps and decides to take a decision regarding meeting her father after thinking for only 5 minutes as she believes one should not waste more time thinking. She has the maturity and the power of logical reasoning like her mother.

The moment she acknowledges herself as ‘Miss Bose’, you will for sure remember that it was the way her father once used to address her mother. The child unknowingly, has taken after her father and probably has started understanding her father without even meeting or talking to him.

One would notice it especially when Sonakshi mentions that after the unfortunate separation, she still had Soha, but Soha immediately cross questions her mother asking, “What did father received then?”. She surely has the heart of her father. Like the old Dev I mean, whom we had seen on screen last on Friday, not in a very good state though.

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  1. Was waiting eagerly for your analysis. You say it all so well and so completely that , nothing more needs to be said. I did say a little earlier that Elena is an ursuper. She too should meet her nemesis for her disloyalty to her blood. Ex.GKB and her Chamcha
    we’re a delight to watch. Atleast GKB showed some affection to her grandson. Ishwari ‘s slow redemption would be something to watch out for. She has been bashed a hell lot of times and her remorse and redemption is necessary as basically she is good. The new look was truly fresh, invigorating, sweet and welcoming, of the entire show. The two kids sole the show.

  2. Hi Saheli, an amazing post as usual by you.. i just recently started reading your posts and i love to read them. i also went through all your posts and loved each and everyone of them, a big THANK YOU for the wonderful way you write..

    On the very first episode post leap, the creators proved yet again that this would be an unique show by Sonakshi herself relaying the events of her life to her daughter, hats off to that. The cast has always been perfect in this show, be it positive or negative… The new little Ms. Bose is just an icing on the cake addition to an already perfect cast.

    Eagerly waiting to see how the story unfolds, especially first meeting of dev-soha and dev-sonakshi, and also for your next post. Happy Writing…

  3. It was indeed refreshing to watch the Jr Miss Bose after the trauma that we all went through for the past few episodes! She has a lot of Bijoy in her probably because she has been raised in that household. However, I did not like Sonakshi’s answer to Suhanna that her father was not good for her mother. Has Sonakshi forgotten all the beautiful moments with Dev and also the lies that he told for her sake,the ” deevangi” he showed while she got engaged to Ritvik??? The last ” just leave Sonakshi” was the one which dominated in her mind perhaps! Lot of people blamed Dev for his nasty words towards the end which I beg to differ! Those were out of frustration and pain as he realised that he had already lost Sonakshi. But did she understand Dev’s pain at all for she too was loaded with too much of Bijoy’s insult, where love and understanding had no place ! It takes two hands to clap so blaming Dev alone was unjust I felt! She too failed to keep her promise to Dev that she would always be by his side. Suhanna’s father gave her more than anybody could give her yet she makes that statement,may be pain and hurt were overwhelming and she failed to realise the truth or even analyse the situation or even remember her promise!Well that was my perception .
    Sonakshi has already made her daughter aware of her father’s existence and isn’t it natural for any educated,successful , strong woman like Sonakshi to do so? Most do it this way as there are bound to be a lot of questions from the child in the future! Strange that Elena being Sona’s mashi’s daughter never bothered to find out how and where her sister was??Infact having lived with the Bose’s she never found out where they were ! Till now whatever has been showcased about her, she seems to be treacherous! However , Dev’s sudden change in this new avatar is a bit difficult to digest. Well time will make us accept him that way I guess. Till then let’s wait for the story to unfold !!!!!

    • Sonakshi taught many things to Dev including love. Sona accepted him and the whole family as they are and did everything best possible in return he told her to leave the house just because his mom is hurt? She thought that Dev broke the relationship in matter of seconds while she came to resolve issues. He is spineless and rude. She also believes Dev threw Bose family out of the house because of his ego.
      Here both Dev and Sona are not at fault. Only Ishwari is because she belived GKB and Vickey. She gave power to them to ruin the family. Her insecurities were important more than anything for her, be it accepting Sona or prenup. Even after controling Dev completely she didn’t believe Dev, Sona or mamji.
      I think we should focus on the amazing children now also Dev Sona and Ishwaris new avatar. The family issues and relationships won’t change so soon. I enjoyed reading all the write ups.

  4. Good morning, Saheli..
    Agreed with all your analysis on the characters. All gave pleasant surprise including ishwari. GKB reminded me of Bindu in some film I saw who had a secretary and always said.. Secretary, follow me..!!
    Bijoy and Asha Bose looked amazing in their new attire. Dadi was missing. Vicky seems to have become a responsible person,(till Sonakshi comes) and Elena as a model?!!
    But coming to the trios.. Sonakshi does look elegant and stylish with all responsibilities handling perfectly, be a mommy or businesswoman. Dev did surprise me as I had some different thoughts about his looks. But he is still The Dev Dikshit.. Thanks to the makers.! Suhana is all the mixs of her both parents. You gave some gestures and one I found was she cared her mom’s face with tiny hand palm, so much like Dev..!! She doesn’t like baby doggie, too 😂😂..
    Well, Saurabh mama and mamaji are still awaited.
    Suha took 5mins to decide and she decided to stay with her daddy. Let’s see how much she is welcomed in Dikshit house by her own relatives.

    Thanks for your Writeups.. Its amazing to read every time

    • Elena is not a model. She’s a photographer. That’s what they said yesterday which is why Vicky made a statement saying ‘The camera is more in your lap then our child’

    • Vickey cant be serious,work hard or do business. he will be finding ways (scams) by transferring companys money to his account.


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