Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Sonakshi – Your Love Story Is Beautiful And Tragic At The Same Time!


Good evening everyone! A little while ago, I was just wondering how lucky Ishwari is and also why she is not returning from Vaishno Devi. Which fool would return? Did you see the temperature in Delhi? It’s bloody 42 degrees! And the lady is chilling at Vaishno Dev happily discussing her life with Goddess, away from Khatri and the headache called Sonakshi. I am suddenly so jealous of Ishwari! Wish I could run away from this heat as well.

Anyway, here’s getting back to our article. Get set ready for a roller coaster ride today –

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Vickey – Bura Hun Main, Galtiyaan Bhi Karta Hun. Lekin Iska Matlab Yeh Nahin Ki Main Apni Biwi Se Pyar Nahi Karta

Jokes apart, on a serious note, only Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is a show that can make you realise how many shades a single person can have. The more we try to categorize people into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, we fail to judge them when it comes to this show.

Some time ago, once while replying to a comment I had mentioned about a man who is too honest at his work place but is too rude and violent at home. How will you categorize him? Is he ‘good’ for his honesty or ‘bad’ for his rude behaviour with family? In real also, humans have various shades.

We all commit mistakes (consciously or unconsciously) at some point in our lives, but everything about a person can’t be bad and everything about a person can’t be good as well. Yes, the proportion of goodness and badness may differ from people to people. And that’s why no matter how useless, ungrateful and selfish Vickey is, there’s still something good in him that has made Elena stick to him.

People might have always wondered why a girl like Elena, despite all the atrocities didn’t walk out of the marriage. It’s not that she didn’t tell Vickey earlier that she is stuck only because of Golu but that never appeared very convincing. Yesterday, the writers gave you a reason. Despite knowing that her husband isn’t a good man, despite knowing how her mother in law is, despite being forced to break all her ties with her parents, she still went on with her marriage, and the only reason probably is that, Vickey made her believe that he loves and cares for her.

People talk a lot about realism when it comes to this show. And today, I will talk realistically. It’s a proven fact, women (at least majority of them), keep loving that man whom they had fallen for despite their shortcomings (shortcomings here refers to kind of things Vickey does to satisfy his selfish needs). For such women, it is practically difficult to come out of the relationships. They invest too much in it and they get happy with very little things.

For Elena, Vickey may misbehave with her family throughout the day, may think not twice before proposing to USE Elena (whom he claims to love) for blackmailing Sonakshi, may play with their child’s life and future, but if he is all caring and loving towards her for once in a week, she will get all the reasons in the world to still remain hopeful that one day her husband will overcome his shortcomings. That hope, that small moment of love, makes her still walk along with him.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not praising Vickey today. But I am pleasantly surprised with the shade this man has been provided with. He started off being the guy who used to eve tease girls in the streets of Delhi.

But it’s quite surprising, that despite having quite a chunk of money in his pocket and reaching heights without really doing anything, Vickey never did think of even once stepping out of his marriage and cheating on Elena. If he did that, it would not have been surprising. But he didn’t and he still cares for her when she is hurt and he also gets hurt when she stops talking to him. It’s good, isn’t it? To get to see a ‘good’ shade in a ‘bad’ man like Vickey too? That’s the beauty of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. You will get to see such shades only in this show.

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  1. Hello saheli,

    Girls are emotional fools and sonakshi surely is one. In my opinion, she can forgive dev(why hold on to toxicity like a prized possession) but going back to him..I dunno know. Like you had said peace is better than happiness…I will reiterate that. She deserved a better man but …. she is like you said a fool and never could move on. The writers of the show are hypocrites coz dev could question sonakshi’s character but what about dev …no one still said that what dev was doing really puts big blotches on his character. How can writers overlook this.. how easily is sonakshi ready to forget that part of dev is completely beyond me. No sane gal in REALITY will return back to a man who becomes casanova. Sonakshi has a big heart i must say and if she decides to reunite with dev then some where she has lost her brain I think.

    Why dev is able to garner so much sympathy is beyond me ? That guy was living with so many gfs, branded wear, night life and what not. He might have failed to move on but I must say he had made every possible attempt to move on in life unlike sonakshi. If manhandling your wife,locking her up in the room for the entire night without food and water, tying her hand behind and throwing verbal abuses at her at the drop of a hat is LOVE THEN I don’t know what the definition of Being a RUFFIAN is.

    • If we are looking into real issues, then yes, you are right. And I agree with you. I guess I said earlier also, if I had a friend like Sonakshi, I would have never suggested her to ever go back to Dev. If she is in love with him, fine. She may accept her feelings and move on.

    • Hi everyone,
      Thanks saheli for a beautiful articles everyday.
      Even I agree with you and my opinion too is same as yours…previous interviews the actors itself said the show is relatable with happening in the real world and modern day love story but seeing season 2 episodes …I am having my own doubts ..especially about dev character and now sonakshi too…how can she forgive dev so easily????

      Just my opinion


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