Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Take A Look At Devakshi’s Top 5 Contrasting Shades Of Love!


Good afternoon everyone! It’s Monday again but since it looks like everyone at Fuze is on holiday mode, I thought of providing you guys with a feature article today! It’s been long since I wrote one on the show apart from the regular episode analysis.

This article is about ‘Love’ and it’s different shades justifying the title of the show – Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.

Love is beautiful. It is a thought that probably everyone would agree with. But who says the same love cannot be ugly? It all depends on perspective. Let me give one example. Supposedly you are walking at the Marine’s drive during the evening time. You may get to see a couple getting cozy with each other there. Now there would be two kinds of reactions seeing that scene – 1) Awwwww…they are so cute! 2) Don’t they have rooms in their house? They got this public place only for this PDA!

So you see, every situation can be perceived in two ways. Probably that’s why, there are so many perspectives with regards to this show as well.

Anyway, so let’s take a ride to the contrasting shades of love, a way in which two complete opposite shades of the same emotion will be highlighted –

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Love Is Patient And Impatient At The Same Time

Dev and Sonakshi are quite patient people but then when it comes to judging themselves, despite their heart saying otherwise, they would jump to the most negative conclusion.

For example – Didn’t Dev act very patiently during Ronita’s mother’s stealing incident? It’s his love and care for Sonakshi and her family because of which he patiently did bear all the brunt.

Moreover, isn’t Sonakshi being very patient with Khatri these days at the Dixit’s? I guess she has seen something that has made her doubt Khatri and she wants to be sure about the doubt by taking help from Jatin and then only reveal it to Dev. Because she knows, when it comes to Khatri, Dev loses his every sane wire in brain.

But then, when it comes to jealousy Dev loses his patience and just like an impulsive man blames her. Similarly, Sonakshi too loses her logical stream of thoughts and accuses Dev.

Dev and Sona probably are patient when it comes to the love they have for their family. But when it comes to themselves, at the current situation, they are impulsive and impatient. I have a question here. Please ponder it through and try to answer while commenting today. Does too much passion in love evoke this impulsive behaviour? Quite possible, isn’t it? It’s as if this impatience they have preserved for each other only.

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  1. I am am commenting after long time as I had nothing new to say. Today I have to appreciate our writer Saheli ma’m for the beautiful analysis and indepth understanding our favourite characters Devakshi. I can’t thank you enough.
    For me both Dev &Sona are matured and couple goals. the bad situation made them separate though I can’t accept the words they exchanged during their separation. Now we see changed Dev & Sona both are impulsive and hide their emotions. I can’t accept their new avatar 100%. Usually couples (good human beings) part away when their relationship is rough for long time and one day they decide to separate on mutual agreement. Let us see if the writers keep up the matured, realistic expectations of the fans alive. Good luck to the whole team of KRPKAB.

  2. It was a beautiful read with a thought provoking question as well! I will try to comment from my own experience! I think over emotional people are impulsive! Passion is one such emotion which can drive you to any extent be it relationships or profession! I was a pretty emotional person earlier and that would drive me towards being impulsive. It is also a form of immaturity! A lot of times you suffer for being impusive and the faltering teaches you lessons to be more patient and balanced before taking a step or jumping to conclusions. I think grooming of an individual plays a big role especially if both parents are emotionally balanced or should I say mature also less insecurities in childhood may help any child to be a person with better control over emotions. However, Time teaches you to deal with it and there is no better way than to learn things on your own rather than being taught! My POV!
    Have a good day!

  3. Good evening Saheli! I hope you and your mum are keeping fine….
    Well this article was a pleasant surprise… After such a long wait for the next episode, a surprise article is always welcome… I once told you that your articles are like classy art films…Remember?
    This article is probably one such classy art film that stands apart and sets new benchmarks… And such a wonderful topic, ‘love’… It is such a complicated emotion…. Isn’t it? This emotion makes us feel all sorts of extreme feelings, good or bad. Your question was also very thought provoking… I can relate to Dev’s character because my nature is somewhat similar… i will share what I have realised from my experiences… Dependingne too much on someone, comes with its own baggage…. This leads to feelings of overpossessiveness, insecurity and jealousy…. Dev is more dependent on Sona than what she is on Dev, thus intensifying his extreme feelings even more…. This evokes a feeling of responsibility in Sona….The emotionally strong person feels more protective towards the weaker one… But at times, this feeling can be suffocating as well… I feel, Dev’s love for Sona is liberating and suffocating at the same time…. His love was like a breath of fresh air and a fairy tale come true for Sona…At the same time, it was strangulating for her because of his over- possessiveness….
    This distance was somewhat necessary for both Dev and Sona…. to realise where both of them faultered….. This will help them strengthen their relationship in future….
    I don’t know if I could make sense…. Because we all know, love is complicated…. You never know what is in store for you…. So just go with the flow….☺️

  4. A very good afternoon to you, Saheli..
    I tried to recollect my thoughts written earlier, but those were from my heart and I cannot write them again in the same manner as I wrote. But thank you for your Writeups at this hour. It’s Monday and usually the day time on Mondays are hard to pass. But your article gave a fresh feeling.
    I know that you have a special place for dev in your mind. Dev is dear to you, too. All the shades of love you showed of devakshi are truly perfect. Both are selfless when their families are concerned. Dev has accepted that he is selfish, he wants sona for himself, only himself. Many times he has told that he can’t share her with anyone else, and so his jealousy is seen. His impulsive nature is also a sign of pure heart. And believe me impulsive people are many a times emotional too. Very next moment they feel guilty for their impulsiveness.
    One thing I noticed that if this was a film then the male lead would have been shown stronger, emotionally and mentally. But when we have the same as a TV show, the females lead as strong and confident. Why do they not show a male character strong in a TV show?
    Its like,

    That was for fun, but if the makers showed dev’s character stronger in this show, it would have been a change to watch. All serials have strong females compared to the male characters.
    Anyway I think Sona will give a competition to Bomkesh Bakshi in coming episodes. Lets see how khatarnaak Khatri is trapped in MS detective Bose’s hands and what shades are seen from ishwari.
    After yesterday’s discussion, my views towards love has changed. Our show has shown all bright and fresh shades turning into greyer to darker.. Now I’m patiently waiting for them to turn into more of rainbow shades..

    And I want to see your shades of romantic side, it’s my personal wish.
    Thank you again for your article and hope the episode turns out to be a good one, today.

  5. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I forgot what all I had written.. But truly, this article is awesomely written.. Saheli.. Let me recollect my thoughts and I’ll pen down again. This is to check whether my comment is submitted or not..

  6. aawww..
    Today I wanna change the heading of this article and name it as ‘Kuch rang Saheli ke aise bhi ‘.
    This article is quite healing one…
    patience & impatience
    selfless & selfish
    Taker & giver
    Dependent & Independent
    Hurtful & healing
    I will remember or wanna say I will not try not to forget the above shades of love…else I will go panic ..while understanding love..
    I think passion is a positive thing, so how can it make someone impatient. I need to explore more.

    Thanks for such lovely article..


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