Kumud and Saras Join Hands Against Kalika and Pramad

Top 10 Television Controversies Of 2013


After having changed its banner from Sanjay Leela Bhansali to Sphereorgins Multivision, Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra is witnessing

quite the fireworks.

Saras (Gautam Rhode) enters Kumud’s (Jennifer Winget Grover) life yet again as Naveen Chandra to try and protect her from her battering husband Pramad (Aanshul Trivedi).

Currently, the story is focusing on Kalika (Soni Singh) who is hard at work, trying to keep the fuel between Kumud and Pramad alive. Luring the drunk and jealous Pramad towards reality, Kalika has left no stone unturned. Planting a seed of doubt within Pramad’s mind surrounding Naveen and Kusum (Shiny Doshi) relationship has favored the lady. Upon the successful ploy, Pramad heads towards discovering who the real Saraswatichadra Vyas really is.

Amongst all the huge drama unfolding in Saraswatichandra, viewers witnessed Badimaa, in trying to save the duo’s reality. Admist,
reminding them of the repercussions, Kalika overhears their conversation and is left in shock.

Adding further spice, Budhidhan (Pratichee Mishra) hands over the entire property to Kumud while a helpless Pramad looks on.

Now that Pramad may have to resort to the will of his wife, will he be able to handle it? Will his male ego take over? What will his reaction towards Kumud be now? Keep watching Saraswatichandra to find out more.

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Author: Diana Lydia


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