Kushal Tandon : Any Finger Pointing At Gauahar’s Integrity Point At Mine

Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon - Depressed fans
Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon
Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon

Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan’s year long relationship faced a sudden halt recently as the couple called it quits. Their admirers were at evident shock by this revelation and some of them even initially considered this as a prank by Kushal. However, the sad part is, this time its a hard core truth.

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As usual this time also speculation flew high about the reason for their break up. Somehow, the reason initially came out to be religious differences between the two actors. However, Kushal agreed in a recent tweet that he didn’t mean to convey the message the way it has been conveyed already. In this situation some might blame Gauahar and some might blame Kushal and a few others might feel sad for both of them. And a few judgmental others will say, “look we told you from the beginning, this was bound to happen!”. Well, putting past the blame games and the judgmental attitude, here’s what Kushal had to say to the world in a clear cut message that he wanted to pass on to everyone.

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In his micro-blogging Twitter account, Kushal wrote, “In a fit of anger I spoke some stuff to dear friend of mine who also happens to be a journo about the love of my life Gauahar. None of it’s true coz it came from a bitter place in my heart which was angry.When two people from different backgrounds come together, they have multiple discussions on various topics form home children family religion etc. Me and Gauahar too have had healthy talks…like any normal couple…Noweher did it mean either of us was trying to force change of our views…I maybe conveyed that wrong…and it sounded bad…Her respect is mine and any fingers pointing towards her integrity point at mine.”

Kushal and Gauahar met inside the Bigg Boss house and they remained with each other while supporting each other through the difficulties in the house until the end. It is popularly believed that without Gauahar, Kushal would not have been able to return to the house and without Kushal, Gauahar would not have been able to win Bigg Boss. We hope, both of them get past the hard times in life really soon.

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