Laksh Lalwani : A Quick Rapid Fire With The Actor

Laksh Lalwani
Laksh Lalwani
Laksh Lalwani

Television actor Laksh Lalwani, known as Maadhav of Adhuri Kahaani Hamari spent some time for a rapid fire interview with Fuze. Have a look below about the actor’s personal favorites.

1. Favourite workout –

I believe in old school workouts. Lift heavy and stick to the basics.

2. Favourite dish and cuisine –

Butter chicken with roti

3. Whom will you consider as your mentor in life –

Life is the biggest mentor

4. Favourite big screen actor and actress

John Abraham and Deepika Padukone

5. Favourite small screen actor and actress –

Rituraj and Divya Jagdale

6. Favourite sport –


7. One of your favourite dialogues that always inspire you –

”It ain’t about how bad you get hit, it’s about how bad you get hit and keep moving forward”

8. Favourite film –

Raging bull

9. Three words to explain your Warrior High days –

Learning, nurturing and experiencing

10. Your favourite co-actor till date –

Rituraj (father in Warrior High)

11. Warrior High or Adhuri Kahaani Humari  –

No comparison both are the best in their genre

12. Latest favourite song –

Coldplay ( hymm for the weekend )

13. One thing you cannot live without –


14. The most used app on your phone –


15. Stubble or clean shave –


16. Love story or action – which one do you prefer as an actor

Action with love

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