Love Gone Wrong – Strangest Relationships on Television

Love Stories Gone Wrong
Love Stories Gone Wrong
Love Stories Gone Wrong

When your siblings are married, your family teaches you to love your new brother or sister-in-law but some people just take that a little too far. Since the beginning of daily soaps, audiences have encountered their share of strange love stories in which a brother, sister even a brother-in-law falls in love with their new jiju or bhabhi a bit more than they should. Is it rage? Is it jealous? Or outright psychosis? Well we do not have the answer to that question but we do know one thing, it’s outright strange! While Ekta Kapoor is banking on these strangest relations since years, some new modern shows also showcase the same. Here’s a look at some of the weirdest love triangles in the history of television.

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  1. Undoubtedly the one track in this show which was the worst. The only saving grace was that thankfully Ekta never showed Abhay reciprocating Panchi’s attentions.


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