Love Marriage VS Arranged Marriage – Six Unmarried TV Stars Talk About The Subject


There has always been a constant battle between what is more favourable — love or arranged marriage. So, if you’re confused about which to choose, check out what these TV stars have to say about the subject…

Jasmin Bhasin
Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin

I am not open for an arranged marriage, because I have always been a very independent girl. Before getting married, I want to know the person and his family.

I also believe marriage is an important relationship in your life. I have grown up believing that if you do something, do it all the way and not quit. Its better you take that decision once you know everything and once you are 100% sure. I have seen arrange marriage breaking too.

A relationship is built on four pillars — trust, loyalty, understanding, and respect. Once these pillars are strong, nothing would happen. But if these are weak, the marriage won’t work.

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  1. Why weren’t Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes not included? They are among the most favoured actors of the telly world as of now.


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