Love Tips: 5 Things We Would Love To See You Doing Sanskar To Win Back Swara!


Swara And Sanskar - Swaragini
Swara And Sanskar - Swaragini
Swara And Sanskar – Swaragini

Sanskar made a quiet good plan to wow Swara but unfortunately that didn’t work out. But he just can’t give up so easily. Now, he should be more determined to impress her and for that he can give these things a try –

Be the innocent guy

Whatever Swara says listen to her, don’t give her any chance to complain about you. If she can’t remember the past then it is ok, you make new memories with her, try being her friend first and then eventually make her fall in love with you again.

Keep Swara away from Sahil

This is the most important thing that you need to do Sanskar, Sahil is the cunning wolf in disguise. Keep Swara away from him because he is the one who is adding fuel in the fire of hate in Swara’s heart for you. Don’t trust any stranger in this case Sanskar, the loss will be only yours.

Get inspired from Bollywood

There are so many amazing tips that you can get from the Bollywood movies like DDLJ and Maine Pyaar Kiya, there they had to convince the family but here you just have to convince Swara. Use your charm Sanskar, express your love in small gestures to her. Take tips from Raj or Prem. They will always help you for sure.

Grab the opportunities

A good player is the one who hits on the right time, Swara is not listening to you now but there will be at least one time when you will get a chance to speak to her and if you don’t get one then find a way to talk to her, write down your feelings and give her a letter that will clear her doubts. But make sure you give her the letter on your own. Don’t depend on others!

Be careful

Playing Kisan was a very good idea but you have to admit that you were careless. So next time whatever you do make sure that you are really careful and try to plan something which seems to match up with your qualities too. Singing is not something you know and even that was a disadvantage for your plan.

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