Love Triangle Forming Between Ishaana, Nikhil and Laajo – Gustakh Dil

Gustakh Dil
Gustakh Dil
Gustakh Dil
Gustakh Dil

Ravi Ojha Productions’ Gustakh Dil, which airs on Life OK, is all set to witness a dramatically tensed love story. Laajo(Sana Sheikh), a village girl who is married to Nikhil (Vaibahv Roy), already knows of his pre-existing relationship between her husband and a city girl named Ishaana (Parvati Sehgal). Having accepted this relationship as her fate, she lives her life trying to adjust to the conformists of city life. In attempt to befriend her husband, she begins to learn proper English.

In the recent track, the couple visit Sonbarsa, Laajo and Nikhil’s ancestral village where Laajo’s family still resides. The family, especially Laajo’s sisters are delighted by the visit and wish to take their new Jijaji to the movies.That night Laajo slowly begins to realize that she is indeed in love with Nikhil. Her sisters, unknown to the fact that Nikhil has someone in his life, decide to test his love for their sister. As Nikhil is leaving Sonbarsa, they make a false claim of Laajo’s injury and force Nikhil to return.

On the other hand, Barkha (Meghna Malik) is expecting Nikhil to return to Delhi on his own. She hopes that this will be the perfect opportunity for Nikhil and Ishaana to spend time together. In the upcoming episodes audiences will witness Nikhil returning with Laajo, giving both Ishaana and Laajo mixed signals with regards to their respective relationship. How will this track end? WIll Laajo be able to win over Nikhil’s heart? Will Barka come in between the newly blossoming love?

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Author: Diana Lydia


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