Made in India – a United initiative – launches a contemporary National Anthem



Considering India has 600 million Indians under the age of 25 and new national confidence is emerging, Mr. Shailendra Singh wants to know – is it time to update the National Anthem? “We all love the existing national anthem, but we felt that it might be time to evolve it a bit.” Singh says. “We are a thriving nation, with so much to celebrate. In the current versions playing movie theaters – where is the energy? Where is the passion? Where is the JAYA HAI!!?”

Through Mr. Singh’s ‘Made in India’ project, successfully launched on Jan 1 of this year, he has taken it upon himself to release a contemporary version of the National Anthem. Same tune, same lyrics, but with some killer Indian dhols and an upbeat tempo. Singh makes sure to stress that the new version is fully in compliance with the stipulated guidelines regarding the national anthem.

The objective behind the New Anthem is all about matching the energy and conviction with which Indians currently live. “India is a young nation.” Singh says. “It is a nation that has fully arrived. The Anthem should express that confidence and optimism!”

The ‘Made in India’ team, captained by Mr. Singh, gathered a group of young music producers and fresh voices to compile the new version of the anthem. Excited to be a part of the project, the singers brought increased enthusiasm to the traditional Sanskrit verses.

Now, the team is ready to find out what the nation thinks about it. “I want to know what the citizens of New India want. Are we ready for an update? Are Indians ready to sing the National Anthem with conviction and pride? With energy and confidence? And, while we’re at it. . .when you stand in the movie theater for the National Anthem, wouldn’t you rather see a real cloth Indian flag waving in the wind? Why should we watch a computer graphic flag on the screen?!”

The new version of the anthem can be viewed at:

Mr. Singh says he looks forward to feedback from everyone – the press, the youth, the aam admi, and every proud Indian. “You can leave your comments on or write to me directly at [email protected]. If you tell us you want a change, if you want an anthem that you can sing along to with pride and passion, then ‘Made in India’ will start by taking the feedback to cinemas across the country. ‘Made in India’ will ask them to play the new version of the Anthem!”

So. . . what do you think?

The FuzeTeam Wishes The Nation & All Our Beloved Readers Happy 64th Indian Republic Day!!!


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