Madhubala, is all set for a fight between “Love” and “Law”


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Their love was destructive and when it became constructive, suddenly the world is conspiring against it. Madhubala (Drasti Dhami), is all set for a fight between “Love” and “Law”. While the court room fight is slowly turning out to be interesting, the two inseparable lovers are also coming closer and closer. It is said that distance increases love and we are going to witness the same in the upcoming episodes of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

Vinay Apte made a very strong entry in yesterday’s episode as the Prosecution lawyer. His dialogues were witty and sarcastic. Somebody is here to give a tough competition to RK (Vivian Dsena) in terms of wittiness? Being one of the most veteran actors , he is surely here to surprise the viewers with more such sarcastic dialogues.

Until yesterday’s episode, we saw RK is been denied bail because of his past track record which portrays him as an absolute impulsive person who has no control on his temper. We wonder why the defense forgot to present Sultan’s past records as well. The accused may not be may not be fully innocent but the deceased also wasn’t an immaculate person as well.

Every meet and greet between RK and Madhubala in course of his Judicial custody will intensify their love. The scenes behind the court room will also engage the viewers as Prosecution Lawyer Marathe will play some real hide and seek games with Madhubala. Despite, several warnings from Madhu, RK did the huge grave mistake of stepping into Sultan’s(Avinesh Rekhi) ¬†trap and going to meet him. It is to be seen whether in RK’s absence Madhubala does the same mistake of stepping into another trap. Will RK’s heaven remain the same once the trial gets over? Or it will be another trial of love between RK and Madhubala this time?

Arrogance and Ignorance, Ego and Insecurity might cut off the strings of happiness. But strings can always be tied again where love isn’t abolished from heart ever . As said, distance increases the love. So the more distance, the more intensity is waiting for the viewers of Madhubala.

As of now, enjoy the Drama, Romance, Anguish and some real Word Fights in Madhubala.

Author: Saheli Goswami

Graphics & Banner: Ranita Kakkar



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