Mahadev Returns To Kailash: Devon Ke Dev Mahadev


The very popular Devon Ke Dev Mahadev on Life Ok has interesting twists lined up for the coming week. In the coming episodes the track will have Mahadev, Parvati ji , Kartikeya and Ganesh ji set on their journey back to Kailash. Meanwhile, after their beautiful wedding Nahush and Ashok Sundari reach King Aayu’s palace. There Ashok Sundari is accepted as a Daughter. While on the other hand Nahush, Mahadev’s son in law, is attacked by Hoond. Parvati ji and Mahadev  are tensed as to what has happened immediately after the wedding ; it is definitely not a good sign. They wonder about the solution to this problem! Then with the help of Kartikey and Ganesh ji, Nahush kills Hoond.

So let us gear up for some amazing stellar performances and a very interesting track in the coming week. With such happenings in the show the viewers are sure to be hooked on to the show permanently.

Author: Aditi Arora

Editor: Saheli Goswami


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