Main Na Bhoolungi – A Must Watch Enchanting Romantic Thriller

Main Na Bhoolungi
Main Na Bhoolungi
Main Na Bhoolungi
Main Na Bhoolungi

‘Yeh Kahaani Sirf Aapke Manoranjan Ke Liye Nahi Hai, Yeh Kahaani Aapki Zaroorat Hai’

These opening lines uttered by Sakshi Tanwar just before giving us a ride through the flashback tend to create an impact in the viewers’ mind. Sony Entertainment Television’s new presentation ‘Main Na Bhoolungi’ is an enchanting show with superlative direction that creates suspense and produces interest among the viewers which is bound to attract audiences towards the show.

The show starts with a girl (Shikha) getting drowned in a river. We are in a village area and the kind hearted rural people bring out a severely wounded Shikha out from deep water. Police comes and also ambulance is called. Meanwhile, when everyone realises that the chances of her survival is minimal, she suddenly moans the name of some unknown ‘Maanav’ and we see in flashback, a young Shikha blooming in love with a man whose face is still hidden from the audiences. Not to forget that the villagers also discover Shikha to be a married lady as she is clearly wearing a ‘mangalsutra’.

As Shikha (Aishwariya Sakhuja) is taken to the hospital for treatment, eminent actress Sakshi Tanwar appears on screen as a ‘sutradhaar’ and tries to give the audiences an idea about the theme of the story. All we got to understand from her words is that this is an exceptional story or might turn out to be an ordinary story of a girl suffering from the grudges and inhumane systems of our society. But the twist lies in the way of telling the tale! A tight script, ingenious direction, credible cinematography with ear catching and circumstantially apt background score makes ‘Main Naa Bhoolungi’ worth watching.

After being transported to the flashback, we find an unmarried Shikha to be an independent girl working as an Assistant Editor in a publishing house. She is a pampered but at the same time a very responsible child of her parents. Suspense strikes us again when we find an unidentified black Scorpio following her suspiciously. Shikha being a brave lady charges at the car and even urges the driver to open the window to get a look at the follower. But alas! She fails to see her ardent follower which further increases the interest of the viewers. The most astounding fact about the show is its inherent idea of suspense. Right from the beginning till the end, suspense is that one element which will keep the viewers rooted to their seats.

The end is more surprising as two aged people suddenly on a Sunday morning appear at the door of Shikha’s house asking for her hand for their son named as ‘Sameer’ (Vikas Manaktala).
Actress Aishwariya Sakhuja of ‘Saas Bina Sasural’ fame makes her comeback through this show. Vikas Manaktala looks promising and bounces back on the small screen after a long time with a refreshing persona after his last serial ‘Left Right Left’ on SAB TV.

The show can be a go ahead flick for anyone and everyone who loves suspense. Seeing the progress of the story, it is evident that romance is also an integrated part of the script. All the actors look vibrant on screen whereas the script and direction are the major drivers of this show. Fuze highly recommends its readers to once give it a go as surely this is one show that won’t disappoint you!



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