Manik And Nandini’s Love Making Was All About Keeping It Real, Aesthetic And Magical

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 3

With Richa Yamini at the helm, and Parth and Niti coming together to portray Manik and Nandini, season 3 of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan “humesha with a twist” was destined to be cherished and loved by all the show’s fans.

Halfway into the series, we have already seen the ‘twist’ in this ‘humesha’. A heartbroken Nandini decides to break up with Manik, when the latter rejects her marriage proposal.

Every episode, every scene and every flashback that follows contains a tiny piece of the story that reveals their journey from Denmark to India and what went wrong in this 6 year long relationship.

Whether it was a difference in their careers, them being unable to give sufficient time to the relationship, bowing down to external pressures because of societal demands, or simply a case of a colleague hitting on your partner-the issues were as simple, yet as real as they could get.

Viewers could see a steady deconstruction of their favorite fairytale and a sense of reality being knocked into it. Things became even more complicated, when Nandini realizes that she is ready to give them a chance again, but it is Manik who is now pushing her away, because the scars of his past resurface and are too painful for him to ignore.

In one such incidence, in the recent episode, we see Manik trying to cherish her for ‘one last time’ and wants her to remember the ‘beautiful them’ before deciding to amicably part ways. And it wasn’t until this very moment that both Manik-Nandini as well as the audience realized what these two confused souls were missing all this while – a connection.

While its easy to promise a humesha at 18, protecting it is another thing altogether. If there is a loss of connection on the way, things get even murkier. Viewers could see this when Manik and Nandini made messy, irrational decisions and were not really communicating despite continuing to talk to each other during their ‘break-up’….contd

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