Manik And Nandini’s Love Making Was All About Keeping It Real, Aesthetic And Magical

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 3
Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 3

Infact, one could see that they were on totally different pages when it came to identifying the problems and issues in their relationship.

Sometimes words don’t do justice to your feelings, but more often than not, it’s the words itself that act detrimental to your relationship.

Especially in case of a long term relationship, where partners are expected to understand each other implicitly regardless of the situation.

It is in these troubling times that your touch can speak a lot, communicate all the said and unsaid emotions, for emotional connect and physical connect are interlinked and often, one paves the way for another.

This special moment between MaNan was a depiction of this very communication. Every touch, every caress, every kiss that they shared was an attempt of trying to communicate their innermost feelings.

The lyrics of the song used “Bole bina karein, hum baatein…” perfectly summarized the essence of this moment.

And what could have been more beautiful than Manik’s stars and Nandini’s fireflies showering their blessings the moment these two found that connection yet again.

The visual itself was overwhelmingly beautiful and for the viewers, it was nothing short of perfection.

Rarely do we see a love-making moment strike the right balance and do complete justice to the characters’ state of mind and the current arc in storyline. This special moment between Manik and Nandini was all of that and so much more.

No doubt Richa Yamini and her team deserve the biggest credit for penning it down and shooting the moment so aesthetically, but the lion’s share of this credit goes to the actors who brought the moment and Richa Yamini’s vision to life….contd.

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