Manik And Nandini’s Love Making Was All About Keeping It Real, Aesthetic And Magical

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 3
Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 3

The most challenging part in enacting such moments is to ensure that it remains organic. The latter bit is extremely tricky, especially when it comes to Indian television where such intimate moments are categorized into pure love making, or a naive first time.

For a couple who have already been intimate many times before, and are now trying to re-connect, the moment falls in neither categories, so is not really attempted because of the complexity of those emotions. It is here that Parth and Niti absolutely stole hearts.

Complementing each other perfectly, these two managed to retain the naveity of MaNan rediscovering each other while being assertive in their actions and expressions.

Since the shooting format didn’t allow them to dramatize certain elements, the entire onus of making the moment spectacular, yet retain that connect with the audience was on Parth and Niti.

It was a testament to the trust that these two actors have on each other and their creative, and the trust the team has on them. The moment became reverential and emotional, perfectly in sync with the current storyline of the show.

With Manik and Nandini having discovered their lost connection, viewers are now eagerly looking forward to the remaining half of the series, and waiting to see how their favorite MaNan find their way back to each other and carve out a new humesha for themselves.

Written By : Madhura

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