Manmarziyan : Six Reasons Why The Finale Episode Was Beyond Perfect! – #Farewell Review

Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan

Swastik Pictures’ ‘Dosti… Yaariyan… Manmarziyan’ bidded goodbye to the television screens on the 29th of August 2015. The ardent viewers of the show never expected that the show which commenced on April 13, 2015 would end within six months itself. The show is still missed greatly.

Manmarziyan was a youth based, fresh blossoming show.

Actors Aham Sharma, Monica Sehgal, Kashmira Irani and Shravan Reddy have etched and left their mark via the characters they have portrayed in the show as Arjun Mehra, Radhika Mishra, Samaira Khanna and Neil Malhotra in the hearts and minds of the audience forever.

In an attempt to cheer the fans of Manmarziyan, we at Fuze thought why not give our readers six reasons why the show’s finale was beyond perfect and absolutely beautiful.

Aham Sharma And Monica Sehgal As Arjun And Radhika In Manmarziyan
Aham Sharma And Monica Sehgal As Arjun And Radhika In Manmarziyan

Reason 1 : Arjun To Radhika – I Love You, Radhika To Arjun – ‘Arjun’

We are sure the three magical words, would not have ever sounded more pleasing and soothing to every ‘ArDhika’ fan out there. As Arjun Mehra comes all the way to Hrishikesh to win back his love and wife Radhika and when Arjun’s feelings are given words, just like Radhika, we are sure the viewers too were spellbound.

Time and tide wait for no one; but alas, as Arjun uttered his words of love to Radhika and as Radhika in a trembling voice uttered ‘Arjun’s’ name minus the ‘Sir’ and the hug that followed, time literally came to a standstill mesmerizing one all.

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  1. Thank u so Much for the marvellous post.. ur post refreshed our mind…. awesome writing… ya it was sure that the last episode of mmz was outstanding when compared to others… loved them and gonna miss them a lot…. and I wish aham Monica kashmira and Neil a .very bright future… they have got amazing skills in acting they are so talented… we all wish to see all the 4 of them in another new and refreshing project… all the best guys… and hats off to your acting???????✌


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