For The Fans By The Fans : Meet Surbhi Chandna As Captain Pout! – PHOTO!


Wondering what’s ‘Captain Pout’ is all about? Well, it’s the result of some ingenious creative idea that FeelMichMichi, a graphic expert who is popular in social media, has come up with for Surbhi Chandna.

Fans of Surbhi Chandna are well aware that the actress has the special talent of clicking great selfies of herself with a pout. In fact, trust us, we too think no one can beat her when it comes to those pout selfies!

It’s just that FeelMichmichi gave her thoughts an innovative creation and we just could not help but appreciate her efforts just like Surbhi Chandna!

Oh yes, Surbhi too appreciated it.

The story behind the creation goes like this –

FeelMichmichi named Surbhi as ‘Captain Pout’ owing to her adorable pout pictures. She even selected one apt picture and decided to edit it to give a perfect feel of some superhero or ‘Captain’ to her.

The edit is absolutely flawless and no where it looks like an edited poster.

And even Surbhi Chandna went on to repost the same picture appreciating FeelMichmichi’s efforts.

Take a look at the picture below –

Now, don’t you agree that it’s a great edit? We do so too. And if you too want to share some of your marveling edits or VMs with us and feature it in this section of ‘For The Fans By The Fans’, then email us at [email protected]

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