Megha Chatterjee : Supreme Court’s Ban On Firecrackers Shows That We Are A Progressive Society!

Megha Chatterjee
Megha Chatterjee

Hello Fuzedom! Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali! May the light of each earthen lamp around you fill not just your life but everyone else’ relayed to you with happiness and love!

Try and celebrate a Diwali, sparkling with love and not the noisy crackers. Be human and care for the animals around you. Be kind, spread joy.

As we all know, the Supreme court of India has banned crackers in Delhi in order to keep the pollution level in control. While many have welcomed this decision with open arms, some are not happy with the same.

We at Fuze would like to vote in support of the decision and appreciate it. Cracker ban in the pollution capital of India was much needed not just for the sake of pollution or health but for the sake of animals who cannot voice out their misery, due to firecrackers.

We asked actress Megha Chatterjee, who is also a proud dog mom, her thoughts on the ban on crackers in Delhi / NCR by the honourable Supreme Court and a couple of more questions. Here’s what she shared –

• How are you going to celebrate Diwali this year? Anything special?

This year is going to be like any other year, card parties, family, friends and amazing food. Although the one thing different this year is that our house is undergoing renovation right in the middle of Diwali which means no hosting this year, only going to be a guest!

• Your views on Supreme Court’s decision of ban on fire crackers in Delhi/NCR?

Very happy about the ban. It shows that we are indeed a progressive society. This is the need of the hour because not only does bursting of crackers cause trauma to animals but let’s not forget it causes noise and air pollution too. It’s a great move and I thank Indians for supporting this ban.

• What’s gonna be your style statement this Diwali?

I always like to go “Indian” during Diwali. Normally, I’m not into Indian wear at all so this is almost like an opportunity for me to go all out with the Indian look.

Stay tuned to Fuze for more buzz!

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