Mid Year Review : The Best And Rare Kind Scenes On TV In The First Half Of 2018!


Indian televisions shows from time to time dish out some extremely different and out of the box scenes.

Some scenes from the daily soaps stay with the viewers forever. In the first half of 2018 there have been a few scenes that are etched in the minds of the audience and are unforgettable.

Read below and know the very best scenes from the TV shows in the initial half of 2018.



Show – Naamkarann

In the dark of the night, fist connected with fist and punches were thrown. With the sudden flash of light, Neil and Avni came face to face after a gap of 10 years.

The shock was apparent as Neil saw his supposed dead wife, alive and kicking. As the thundered raged, their life was stuck by the lightning. Sparks flew and the scene turned out unique.

It is not every day that the hero and heroine meet in the television shows kicking and throwing punches at one another. Never before in a TV show the hero – heroine have met this way post their separation the way they did in Naamkarann.

The lighting of the scene too stood apart. It was after all Neil Khanna and Avni Ayesha coming face to face after 10 years and scene was downright cracker.

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