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KTLKWith Nidhi (Kritika Kamra) being in the hospital after being shot by the hitman, the show has grasped the attention of the audiences. It was indeed a shock for the audience and Bharadwaj who were expecting that it would be Aradhana who would be shot. With just a small tripping on the stone and missing the gunshot, things go awry. It is soon discovered that it was eventually Nidhi who ends up being in the hospital.

The only sigh of relief in the present episodes is that Nidhi has realized about what is going on in Divya’s (Araddhna Uppal) mind. With Divya trying her luck on Ashutosh (Sharad Kelkar) and Daksh having a free hand with Nidhi, the show is getting heated up for next twist. One will have to wait and watch what are Bharadwaj, Ashu and Daksh (Daksh Ajit SIngh) going to do to attain their tasks. For audiences that are unaware, both Daksh and Divya are step-sibilings of Dr. Ashutosh, the two are in love with Nidhi and Ashutosh, respectively. Let’s see what happens next as Kuch Toh Log Kahenge is gearing up towards ending very soon!

Stay tuned to Kuch Toh Log Kahenge to witness the upcoming twists!

Author: Aabha M.

Editor: Diana Lydia Parmar



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