Missing Without A Trace – Gumrah


Gumrah: The End of Innocence is a show hosted by Karan Kundra that airs on Channel V. This week spooky hostel stories brew out this Sunday at 7pm. Gumrah has covered crimes stories that are committed by teenagers and how it changes the course of their lives. Many teens love the show as they feel they can relate to the issues that are brought forth within the show.

Every hostel has spooky corners and stories, but what happens when a person goes missing without a trace? It will be interesting to see how one can make another person disappear without a trace. Do you think the tweet about making decisions while anger will only have regret as an outcome is related to the person that goes missing without a trace?

Was it a crime done in the heat of the moment? To find out, continue to watch Gumrah on Channel V Sunday at 7:00 PM and Monday 1:00 PM IST. Stay tuned to Fuze and uncover Missing Without A Trace – Gumrah story.

Author: Rahmina C.

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