Mitali Ghoshal : You Will Find Barun In A New Dimension In 22 Yards!

MItali Ghoshal And Barun Sobti

Mitali Ghoshal, a much acclaimed sports journalist is turning director with her upcoming film 22 Yards. The film will star the very popular television star Barun Sobti along with the veteran actor Rajit Kapoor.

Shot extensively in Kolkata, the film will be a lot different from the conventional sports movies made in Bollywood. In a quick short chat, director Mitali Ghoshal spoke about the film.

Excerpts –

1.You have been a renowned sports journalist before. What is the best part of being a journalist?
Everything. In fact you can put your opinion in front of the people.

2. 22-yards is your movie based on cricket. What made a journalist turn into direction?
Wanted to make goods films and express my inner self more.

3. Why did you choose only cricket to be the primary game for your movie?
Let’s not be hypocrite. We all know in India, no sports is bigger than cricket.

4. How much of Kolkata can we expect to see in the movie?
A lot.

5. Barun Sobti is playing the lead in your film. How did the casting take place? Should we expect any female lead as well in the movie?
Well, while I was looking for the male lead, my very good friend was watching Barun’s show. I thought this guy is a good actor and started talking to him. Of course there is a beautiful female lead.

6. How has been the workshop with Barun so far?
He is fantastic.We all enjoy very much.

7. When is the movie finally going to hit the floors?
Very soon.

8. There are a humongous amount of Barun Sobti fans who keep on crashing our site every now and then. What would be your messages for them?
Should watch this movie.You will find Barun in a new dimension. You will love him much more.

9. And lastly, who is your favourite cricketer till date?
Lots of them, but if I have to pick then it will be Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly.

Note : This interview was originally published on 18th March 2013.


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