Mohsin Khan And Jasmin Bhasin Starrer New Music Video Pyaar Karte Ho Na Is A Fresh New Melody And Visual Treat To Watch – REVIEW!

Mohsin Khan Jasmin Bhasin

Arranged marriages can be a complete roller coaster for the couples but going through the adventurous ride can be a completely new fairy tale as well.

Taking you to one such ride is this new music video starring television’s loved stars Mohsin Khan and Jasmin Bhasin.

In the melodious voice of Shreya Ghoshal and Stebin Ben, the song features the two actors as a young couple headed out for their honeymoon. The adventure of an arranged marriage with the two gradually spiraling down their feelings for each other is what will make you feel too relatable to the song.

Moreover, the visuals are a treat to watch with the soothing background score fitting perfectly well.

All in all, an original you should surely listen to in the era of not-so-happening remixes.

Check out the VRYL production’s original below and comment on how you liked the song –

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