Mohsin Khan And Shivangi Joshi : This Throwback Romantic Dance Video Will Make It Up For Kaira’s Onscreen Absence

Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi

We know how badly the Kaira fans are missing their beloved jodi onscreens. With no new episodes to capture the magic of Kartik and Naira aka Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi onscreen, their fans have been too ‘Kaira sick’ and how.

However our handsome hero and the main man of the show, Mohsin Khan has given their fans a reason to smile amidst the gloomy atmosphere.

Posting his and Shivangi Joshi’s dance rehearsal video which the two performed on, in an award show, the actor has made their fans super delighted with the unexpected treat.

Dancing on the soulful music of ‘Chaashni’ song from movie ‘Bharat’, the duo are even an absolute delight to watch behind the scenes. With the amazing performance still fresh in mind, this video surely makes their dancing skills and dedication visible which resulted in such an ethereal live act.

Watch their rehearsal video below –

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