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Romance is a very attractive genre amongst viewers, be it on silver screen or small screen. In Bollywood we have lots of well known pairs who proved themselves to be the golden and most wanted pairs like Dilip Kumarr-Madhubala, Raj Kapoor-Nargis, Anil Kapoor-Madhuri Dixit, Aamir Khan-Juhi Chawla, Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol, etc, however television is not very far away. Today television is considered as strong of a medium as Cinema is.

Fuzion Productions recently did a research on the most wanted couple amongst 12 popular jodis and Gurmeet-Drashti won the research with high response by fans.

Gurmeet Choudhary & Drashti Dhami are well known personalities on the Indian Television screen. They portrayed the characters of ‘Maan Singh Khurana’ & ‘Geet’ on Star One’s hit show ‘Geet Hui Sabse Parayi’. The story revolved around a conservative Punjabi family who got their daughter married to a married man. It was Geet’s journey of moving away from her family, to be an independent working woman and finally falling in love and marrying her ‘Dusht Danav’ boss Maan Singh Khurana, who stood by her through thick and thin. Maan and Geet’s pair fondly known as ‘Maaneet’, became an instant hit with the audience, as their pairing was fresh and Geet Hui Sabse Parayi was thoroughly liked as the show was not your typical Saas-Bahu Saga. It was one of a kind. Gurmeet played ‘Maan Singh Khurana’ a very ‘Akdoo’ boss who had aversion to women-kind, who ran away from emotions but could not help but open all his heart’s doors when a bubbly girl called ‘Geet’ walked into his life, On the other hand ‘Geet’ though being from a conservative family, still was the happy-go-lucky, bubbly, full of life 18 year old. Being different from each other, being the exact opposites of each other yet still destiny played it’s game and ‘Maan & Geet’ found love, solace, comfort & happiness with each other (as they say oppsite attract), setting new milestone for epic love stories on Television.

Putting together the real names of ‘Maan & Geet’, ‘Gurmeet & Drashti’, the ardent admirers of the pair have given them the name ‘GuRti. ‘Maaneet’ & ‘GuRti’ are very popular amongst different age groups. The age group of the admirers of this lovely pair was not constrained, whether they were teenagers, women, aunties, grannies, one could not help but adore this pair. They have striking chemistry on-screen, they set the screen on fire with their sizzling and hot chemistry, people just could not help but fall in love with the Prince-Charming sweeping his Princess of her feet in ‘Geet Hui Sabse Parayi’.

GuRti were awarded ‘The Most Celebrated Jodi’ Award at Gold Awards in the year 2011, they got the highest votes by viewers and organisers said that GurTi and other jodis voting results were clear that GurTi has to win it. GurTi happen to be the only jodi from Star One to get a best jodi award, even thought this channel known for the passionate young love stories, it’s a challenge and it proves that they stand out as most wanted couple. Their popularity was attracting other channels too as ‘Zee TV ‘ especially called GuRti to perform in their special Holi episode of their show ‘Choti Bahu’. They were the only pair outside the ‘Zee Channel’ who were called to perform & this itself proves that ‘GuRti’ ‘Maaneet’ were a class apart. With their striking chemistry, sizzling performances they are ought to win accolades & immense amount of appreciation, one can’t help but fall in love with them.

They won hearts by portraying the roles of Maan and Geet, a business tycoon with an attitude who fell for a village a girl. A fairly usual love story. Their natural portraying of their roles, made the fans go crazy over them. It made fans think that these two are truly made for each other.

Who can forget the tune Maahi, when it plays on background, it makes the heartbeats rise. This beautiful music composed by Raju Singh……

Maahi was presented in different shades, be it sad, happy, extremely romantic, etc…..

Fans fondly call Gurmeet and Drashti as GurTi, DrashMeet or Maaneet.

Let us find out what the people who worked with Gurmeet and Drashti have to say about them, on why their chemistry clicked in such a huge way.

Hrishikesh Gandhi (Director of photography ‘Cameraman‘):

They both are superb !! Outstanding ! I love them both ! They are my fav & always be near to my heart ! They are very hard working & they respect every one from spot to director, DOP & they are the best.

Sundeep Sharma: (Director):

The reasons behind their chemistry are…….

 1- She is so beautiful, charming, energetic, he is so handsome, equally energetic.

 2- Both characters (Maan and Geet) are reverse. one is east, the other is west.

 3- Both are so pious.

 4- They were very friendly on set.

 5- Give and take ability.

Noel Smith: (Director):

On screen they complement each other so much….. Hmmmmmm I think first of all one should love the character first fir chemistry to apne aap ajati hai…

 Behzaad Khan (Actor):

They both are good actors and they are good friend off-screen as well, their chemistry worked so well, because according to me they were destined to do this tailor made role for both of them, they are the original choice to play Maan and Geet. They have equal respect to each other which create comfort level. We were like friends on the set, supporting each other. They both are lovely people.

Kenil Sanghvi (Choreographer):

Regards Gurmeet Choudhary and Drashti Dhami, I would like to say they are one of my best dancing couple …They have a superb tuning with each other and love to work hard on their dance… They love me too when they see me on the sets …. The first song I did with them was (Kurbaan Hua) and that song bang the small screen … Everyone loved it ..from there our journey begin till the last one .. They are the best. I Will rate them as a jodi 100 percent or 10 out f 10.

Praneet Bhat (Actor):

Gurmeet is my friend and Drashti is my sister, both of them are fantastic hardworking actors.


Let’s find out why fans think that this jodi is one of it’s kind?

Shifali says:

“Gurmeet and Drashti’s Maan-Geet showed me that if you love someone you stick with them through happiness and sadness. I absolutely love Gurmeet-Drashti and adore them to the core. I don’t think there could have been a better choice to play Maan Singh Khurana than Gurmeet and Drashti to play Geet Handa.”

Gurmeet and Drashti have the strong present on-screen, today’s viewers search for extremely talented performance, being it on expressions and dialouge, but look is one of the most important elements to create a hot chemistry.

Sadiie says: 

“Gurmeet-Drashti changed the Definition Of the word ‘Hot’They are that one Couple whom You can never ever forget. They’re different because they sizzled the screens even when You wanted to cry watching them. And Gurmeet’s Hot so He’s bound to have great chemistry.”

It’s clear that Geet Hue Sab Se Paraye made an emotional attachment towards it’s fans, infact we interacted with a fan who just started watching the show after it ended and now she is huge fan of this show and jodi and wish to see them together, in short Geet is not limited to be loved, here she shares her experience with us.

’’I like this jodi, the best because simply put, they had beautiful chemistry that practically sizzled before our eyes on the screen. When they were together on the screen, they didn’t look like actors. Rather, they looked like real lovers caught on camera. I think this jodi is one of a kind simply because of how realistic and intense it was on screen. They played off each other well, and their romantic scenes seemed to break boundaries of Indian television history. While on their own the actors were amazing to start with, but each brought out the best in the other – so literally without Geet (Drashti), there was no Maan (Gurmeet), and vice versa. That was the magic. Combined that with the elusive story of a man so deeply in love with a woman that he would do anything for her, a prince charming of every girl’s dream, and good looking to boot, no wonder all girls were swooning over the love saga of MaanGeet! Lastly, as a female, I look towards and admire strong female protagonists, and Geet after all the shizapalooza that she went through, was stronger than ever till the very end!’’Aashi says.

The viewers lived inside the story, cried and laughed with Maaneet, the story of prince charming (Maan) riding on white horse to get his princess (Geet) picturized on Geet, with Gurmeet playing the rich guy who gets his princess on a horse breaking all boundaries, this girl who fought the entire world to proof that society wrong about their ill treatment to women played by beautiful Drashti. The way Maan supported Geet in each situation and stood against the whole world for her, made us sigh and say sigh, kaash ke aise koi ho asal zindagi main….. What a love story…. Pyaar ho to aise….

Another fan added about the reason of being GurTi the one of their kind

1. fantastic physical, emotional, sexual chemistry.

2. used to light up the screen with their dialogues and eye-talk

3. good in serious scenes, fun scenes, emotional scenes and even in action scene.’’

Simz echoed; ’’They are the SRK- Kajol of television. GurTi the name says it all. According to me their chemistry, romance, Character portrayal, depiction of emotions through eyes everything have reached a penultimate height in the world of TV, which I think can’t be achived by any other pair nor by Gurmeet and Drashti individually. 

Though their show GHSP didn’t get proper recognition in terms of TRPs but still this pair fondly called GurTi by their fans has definitely made a mark in the hearts of the viewers. I am very sure it will take a lot many months(may be years) for another show or a pair to replace GurTi’s place.’’

As of the quote above by fans, it clearly show how much fans get attached to television jodis today, seeing them daily on screen, make them feel like they live each mint with them. Not to forget the famous lines written by Barry Dhillion, like ’’Ab Zindagi Ke Har Subah Tumse Shuru Hote, Aur Har Raat Tum Par Khatam’’…’’Pehli Tum Meri Zindagi, Ab Meri Aadhat Bangayee’’….’’Chup, Bilkul Chup’’…. ’’Yeh Larki Mujhe Pagal Kardege’’ “Tumhe Farq Parta Hai” “Tumhe Meri Mangetar Bane Hoge” “Maan Ke Geet” “Tum Sirf Meri Hoon”, etc…

So many other lines, people til date still remember…. Truly Geet is a history and Indian Television got a legendary jodi through this show.

The way Maan Geet used to address each other, Geet calling Maan ’’Dusht Dhanav’’ and how Maan call her ’’Hoshiyarpur Express’’… ’’Chalte Phirti Disaster Hai’’ or pyaar se ’’Mishti’’ or ’’Khwaab’’.

Viewers love their favourite jodi to be having all elements they are searching for, as for fun, romance, etc… Affy echoed by saying: ’’My favourtie Jodi has to be unique. I like Maneet, they are the best because they are the only Jodi that has been able to touch my heart. They have superb chemistry and make it look realistic and natural. Their offscreen persona’s have contributed a lot to my opinion. They both are bubbly and funny.’’

To end with, Reni says; ’’its only gurmeet and drashti coz they are the most unique among all./ The only ones who made me feel divine and magical love. Made me believe that dreams come true. Its the most honest, true and passionate love story ever. The chemistry between maaneet / Gurti is unbeatable and adorable.. ’’

Gurmeet-Drashti are known for the passionate chemistry, dancing steps, they might have had the best dancing steps and songs to perform at in Geet, therefore they are crowned by their fans as the musical jodi.

Drashti admitted too being them a musical jodi once on TV. Gurmeet and Drashti happen to be the only jodi in Star One who won the best jodi award as the most celebrated jodi award on Gold Awards 2010.

And source says that they had to get this award, as the space on voting between them and the other jodis was much higher.

 Here is a journey through this musical jodi in Geet, by collection of their songs, collected by Salma (a fan).

Gurmeet and Drashti were the only jodi outside Zee TV jodis to be choosen to perform in Holli special episode for Chotti Bahu on Zee TV, as being tagged for being the most desirable jodi.

They were too called to attend together the world cup semi finale between India and Pakistan on Mohali on 2011.

Gurmeet and Drashti performed too on Ajab Prem Ke Ghazab Kahani program for Valentine day special on 2011.

We wish all fans dreams come true and we get to see Gurmeet and Drashti together once again sizzling the small screen with their sizzling hot chemistry.

Reporter: Zainab

Author: Zainab and Surya Ravi

Editor: Rahmina Chowdhury


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