Movie Review On ‘GIPPI’


‘Chhalli’, ‘Jungli’, ‘Pagli’ —– Yes they are like this only. The director Sonam Nair has proved that she knows the teenagers truly better. Hence her amazing creation is gifted to the teenagers at their adolescence.

Unlike making a romantic story or an action oriented film or a tragic one, Sonam has tried her hands in portraying a more familiar topic in the most ordinary way. The main protagonist of the movie is an overweight 14 year old schoolgirl Gurupreet Kaur, aka, Gippi (Riya Vij) who lives with her mom, Pappi (Divya Dutta) and her gay brother, Booboo (Arbaz Kadwani) at Shimla. Her mother runs a beauty parlor to earn their living since her father (Pankaj Dheer) has dumped them and going to marry a blonde foreigner. A teenage girl like her with her solemn friend Anchal (Doorva Tripathi) is a mere reflection of a huge number of girls in the town who are facing a bit of oxymoronic situation in their everyday life. Having complexities due to the zero-sizes all around, cursing oneself for looking too very grown up yet can’t live without burgers, pizzas and milk shakes. Quite a usual psychological drift of senses with growing ages has been nicely portrayed by the newcomers. They have jived on Shammi Kapoor’s tracks as well as given their best to look prettiest and win the hearts of their followers.

Gippi’s rival in school, Samira (Jayati Modi) is the girl with arrogance and pots of money, urges Gippi to stand for school head girl elections. Her rivalry pushed Gippi to get out of her comfortable couch and run to achieve her goal. Even though Gippi is happy in her skin she has been turned to ‘baby doll’ from just being a baby. Hence Gippi is fun and sometimes embarrassing too.

But truly speaking the best part of the movie is the mother-daughter relationship as put forward by Divya Dutt and Riya Vij. The support and concern of a mother for her growing child airing their mood swings on the right track is a delightful experience on screen.

Amidst this fight of looking good and being in shape, Gippi discovers her first crush on Arjun (Taaha Shah) a senior boy in her school. His character is of a heart-breaker jerk who smokes, smokes and just smokes the whole day long. Such a non stop smoker when faces too very awkward comments and queries from his adolescent girlfriend feels embarrassed just like the viewers felt. Both of them breaks up on screen but Taaha looks promising in his terms.

This film is not the usual glamorous venture of Dharma Productions. The costume styling has been kept simple and not over the top. The emotions and fun portrayed by the characters have been enough to entertain the viewers only to a certain limit. The progressive and strong ideas of director Sonam Nair seldom matched up with its execution and hence it failed to bind the viewers. Yet it will be nice to watch a different shade of story telling. The newcomers have done justice to the characters and script given to them.

Afteral, the real power lies in the hands of the viewers. So let’s hope for the best for the movie.

Author: Reshmi Goon Saha

Graphics & Banner: Vrinda Ganeriwala 


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