Mugdha Chapekar Returns With Satrangi Sasural – Meet Aarushi And Her Seven Mothers In Law – WATCH VIDEO

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Satrangi Sasural
Satrangi Sasural
Satrangi Sasural

Prithviraj Chauhan’s Sanyogita is soon going to return on screen via Satrangi Sasural on Zee TV. Actress Mugdha Chapekar will be seen next as Aarushi on Zee TV’s upcoming show Satrangi Sasural along with Ravish Desai (Star Plus’ Meri Bhabhi fame) as Vihaan Vatsal.

The show will star seven most sort out veteran actresses as seven mothers in law of Aarushi including Farida Jalal, Samta Sagar (Chhoti Bahu fame), Bhavna Balsavar (Dekh Bhai Dekh fame), Sadia Siddiqui (last seen on Colors’ Rangrasiya), Resham Tipnis (Do Dil Ek Jaan fame), Sonali Sachdev (Colors’ Sanskaar Dharohar Apno Ki fame), and Sheetal Thakkar (Kareena Kareena and Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii fame).

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The Vatsals are the perfect example of a matriarchal family. Vatsal (played by Ravish Desai) is the only man in the household with seven mothers. Inspite of getting all the love and affection from his seven mothers, he is not a spoiled boy but a man with logic and intelligence. He falls in love with Aarushi who is an employee in a bank and is the sole bread earner in her family where her father and brother have no earnings.

When Aarushi arrives at the Vatsals, she faces her seven mothers in law, each from different background and with pole apart personalities.

However, the ladies of the Vatsal household aren’t happy souls. Each one of the seven ladies have faced hardships in life. Their husbands either left them to settle in abroad or to become a sanyasi or have left household and family for personal interests.

Daadi Maa (played by Farida Jalal) is the head of the household and is also the founder of their business. Vihaan is a darling to his daadi maa, taai ma, chachi maa, bua maa, mini maa, maasi maa and of course to his real mother as well.

Vihaan’s father never wanted his child to born but his mother (played by Sonali Sachdev) gave him birth despite his father’s denial. His father left his mother and settled in abroad and never did contact again.

With such varied female personalities within the same household, will it be possible for Aarushi to adjust with the ladies for the sake of her love? The ladies might sound rude, however, they still have a lot of love and affection in their hearts.

Satrangi Sasural will premiere on Zee TV on December 3rd at 10 pm IST.

Watch The Promo Of Satrangi Sasural Below:


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